Turns out liberals just want to kill babies


The lie perpetuated by most the abortion supporting crowd is that they oppose abortion when the fetus can feel pain. Texas tried to introduce such a law (SB 5) that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Of course the democrats have claimed its a violation of “womens rights” and are now filibustering the bill. They do just want to kill babies, the “feel pain” myth is now officially busted.

Texas Democrats are attempting to block abortion legislation with a 13 hour filibuster on the state Senate floor.

Mark Jones chairs the political science department at Rice University and says even if Davis is successful with her filibuster, SB 5 may still be resurrected.

“I would fully expect Rick Perry, perhaps as early as tomorrow morning, to call a second special session in which he includes abortion-related legislation as one of the agenda items.”

“Assuming it passes some time in July, it’s going to be held up in the courts. The one component, the fetal pain portion which prohibits abortions after 20 weeks, is something that’s unlikely to be implemented any time in the near future.”

Texas Abortion Bill Likely Come Back Despite Filibuster


I just hate filibusters…


I just hate filibusters…

I think everyone can say that, from liberals to conservatives.


Republicans don’t care much about the unborn either, they just (for the most part) pay lip service to the pro-life crowd for money and votes.


They also have a tendency to vote pro-life in houses of legislation.


This is nothing new. As demonstrated on this site, the progressive liberal commies are only interested in killing unborn babies for any reason. They will twist their illogic in whatever way they have to justify their position. They do so why claiming how tolerant and compassionate that they.

This event simply shows that this is the case even with the liberals in TX.


I don’t generally support the state’s police power being utilized to deny a woman’s liberty, but I find it an acceptable compromise to ban most abortions after the point at which the fetus can feel pain, PROVIDED that the woman’s right to self-determination is effectively protected for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this bill also imposes regulatory requirements that would force, according to the article, most of Texas’ abortion clinics to close.

This bill, therefore, is not an acceptable compromise. The SoCons want to effectively prevent access by Texas women to all abortions, even those that take place before the fetus can feel pain.


Yep, nothing new. Your posts twist away.

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CL, you are neither conservative nor libertarian.


Exactly, the Republicans have had many opportunities to end abortion on the local and national level, and done nothing. The Republican leadership wants the pro-life people to shut up because they think we’re the reason they lost.


Cut the personal digs, please.

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The Republican leadership wants the pro-life people to shut up because they think we’re the reason they lost.

In many parts of the country, the GOP is simply uncompetitive because of the militancy of its pro-life fringe. No one objects to moral persuasion being brought to bear on the abortion issue. What is driving the GOP to extinction is the insistance on denying half the population its legal rights. Every woman of child bearing age in this country has had a Constitutionally guaranteed right to choose for their entire adult lives. That right cannot be forcefully taken away without crippling political repercussions.


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Only because they dont currently meet those standards there is nothing stopping them from getting up to code . I find it appalling that you dont want women to have safe abortions. The truth is most abortion places are hell holes like Gosnell’s and the most minor of regulations forces them to shut down.


Bible-thumpers don’t give a damn about whether women get safe abortions. They don’t want women to have abortions at all, from the moment of conception. I don’t object to reasonable regulation of the abortion industry, but I don’t trust for a moment such regulation as may be proposed by the Bible-thumpers. They want women who get abortions to be jailed for murder.

California Declares War on Biology

So because overzealous justices made a wrong decision that even Ruth Bader Ginsburg admits was too much we should just give up. Sorry if this generation of women feels entitled to murder their own children, wrong is wrong.


Tell me what exactly about SB 5 is unreasonable


NO! There are all sorts of ways that the number of abortions can be reduced, without denying women their legal rights. Stop being lazy and relying on the government as the deus ex machina.


I wouldn’t personally support the bill, but I believe it is a reasonable compromise PROVIDED that womens’ right to choose during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is EFFECTIVELY protected.


I find this opinoin to be too simplistic. See, I’m not a bible thumper. I am a Catholic, but by a long shot, I’m no bible thumper.
Heck man, my favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Slayer. Only one of which really has any ties to actual satanic caca, and that was more just lyrical content. None of which really claim to be Satanists or some such, but it’s irrelevant to this anyways. Just a picture from my POV.

See here also, the bill in Texas was limited to the point where pain is felt, which has been medically defined as 20 weeks.
I find that to be perfectly reasonable.
I don’t know if rape, life endangerment, and incest have anything to do with the bill, but I would think those would be obvious exceptions.

Another thing, like I’ve long maintained, you give up Abortion as a means of willy nilly birth control, and I’ll give up the Death penalty so long as we can make life in prison actually mean life in prison.