Tv show Lines



JJ from good times?


You’re right! I didn’t realize what we were doing. I thought we were just thinking of TV lines. Duh!

Gotta love JJ!

I heard somewhere that he’s a big republican.

Re you hijacking your own thread? :rofl:

I was just reminding Mom about this one this morning:

“Don’t make me angry, Mr. McGee. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

The Green Hulk?

Incredible Hulk.

How about this one:

Sorry about that, Chief.

Get Smart

Whaddaya know! I knew one!

Nip it!

Here’s one.

"I may be an idiot but, I’m no fool."

You’re too young to remember that!

Reruns are a beautiful thing. :cool:

I wouldda guessed that one if I saw it before you.:tongue:

There was only one of those and that character was on a show called “What’s Happening.”:tongue:

That’s too easy. Your avatar is the answer.

C’mon! I know that some of you know this one.