Twins Married Twins


"After Doug Malm (at far right) and his twin, Phil,
met Jill Lassen (third from right) and her twin, Jena,
Doug told Phil to “pick one and don’t be changing.”

Today the couples live in the same house in Moscow,
Idaho, with Phil and Jena’s son, Tim, and Doug and Jill’s
daughter, Rylie."__National Geographic

Source of caption under pic: National Geographic, January
2012, page 55 (Pic and quote under pic on same page)

Source of actual pic: Google Images

How many twins do you know personally ?

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I knew two sets of twins in college; we have 2 sets of twins in our family. Both sets of twins I knew in college (all girls) were identicals. The two sets of twins in our family are (fraternal) girls and (fraternal) boy & girl).

Wow, interesting! That could make family reunions confuzzling.:awkward:

The offspring of the two couples look enough alike to be twins.