Twitter Liberals Worry About Muslims’ Feelings After Manchester Bombing


Would these idiots feel the same way if it turned out that the ‘terrorist’ was a White, Redneck, Christian?

An explosion outside of an Ariana Grande concert Monday night killed as many as 20 people and injured approximately 50, but some liberals on Twitter seem more concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslim people.

Some verified users are angry at the “racism and xenophobia” they’re seeing in response to the attack, which reports say was carried out by a suicide bomber.

Twitter Liberals Worry About Muslims After Manchester Bomb | The Daily Caller


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Looks like that meme is a fauxtoshop fake. I know, Snopes, etc… Look at the 2015 pic in the article. Notice the original person’s clothing, note the words with the pic. The meme is fake.

ETA: The clothing wrinkles and furling of the flag match, the drapes in the background match. It’s a fauxtoshop. Not that great of one, as in the Ariana version, “Ariana” has an extra long neck. and you can see a bit of the shoulder from the original at the right shoulder strap, a definite mismatch. The coloring to disguise the fact that the female in the original was black is weirdly blotchy.


Moderator’s note: Because there is substantial reason to believe that “picture of Ariana Grande” is fake, allowing it here could potentially be construed as slander/libel. I’m no legal expert, but I don’t want RO exposed to that risk. If, against reasonable expectation, the “picture” is proven to be genuine, the post can be restored.