Two big hits this weekend for the cause


1: Vitter lost his bid for governor. John Bel Edwards won. This is a serious blow to Louisiana. JBE has already stated his first priority is to expand Medicaid (Obamacare).

2: Vitter will not run for re-election in the Senate. He’s done. If you don’t like that David cheated on his wife, join the club. Look past that, to his record in the House, and then the Senate, and you’ll see he has been one of the most solid conservatives we’ve ever had.

This is a big loss.


And it puts yet another GOP Senate seat in play. I fear we are going to look back at the two years when we held a majority in both houses of Congress with anguish, regret and rage at our “leadership”.


You have a Republican Lt. Governor though. What will this division likely mean in practice?


Actually, democrats were hoping Vitter would run, they thought going against him would give them a chance. An open seat is a different ball game.


Nothing. Lt Gov is there basically like the VP. Kind of a waste of gov money IMO.


That’s what the news says. Considering he won most of his districts for Gov, I don’t think he’d have been beaten for Senate.

Him losing the Gov seat was due to a few factors:
1: Prostitute (even though his opponent was fundraising at strip clubs)
2: Turncoat R candidate endorsed JBE (who was previously a Democrat anyway)
3: Some people see the name “Edwards” and remember Edwin Edwards… He was a blue dog. This guy ain’t. Not even close.
4: Fire everybody attitude. I have a few “friends” who follow this. It’s stupid. Especially considering that Vitter is a HUGE term limits proponent. You won’t see any term limit support from JBE.

Names, and family history play a big part in Louisiana, unfortunately. Much of Cajun Country will support someone for no other reason than their last name is French. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco won because of this. She was Gov during Katrina. Defeated by Bobby Jindal, who had previously ran against her.
A not so small portion of Louisiana will still believe that conservatives exist in the D party. Many bought into Edward’s ad campaign, claiming he was one.

Like I said, his first objective (since being elected) is to expand Medicaid/Obamacare.


Especially with Biden


Does he at least have a vote in the senate?


I am not sure on that. I don’t believe so, but I’d have to google it.


Googled it, here is the official description: - Government

The lieutenant governor serves as governor in the event of a vacancy in the office of governor or if the governor is unable to act as governor or is out of the state. The lieutenant governor is an ex officio member of any committee or board on which the governor serves. Otherwise, the lieutenant governor has the powers and duties delegated to him or her by the governor or as provided by law.

The lieutenant governor does not run for office on a ticket with the governor. In fact, the two positions can be filled by members of different political parties.

In 1986, the lieutenant governor, by law, also became the commissioner of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. The lieutenant governor was given the power to appoint, with Senate approval, the secretary and other key positions in the department formerly appointed by the governor.