Two of Biden’s follies and inconsistencies

In the past couple of weeks, Joe Biden as once more shown that he is unable to consider the consequences of his policies or is the control of those who want to do as much damage as they can to The United States and its citizens.

The first Biden fumble concerns the Afghanistan citizens who have risked their lives to serve as interpreters in that long, and probably fruitless war. These people have worked with our American soldiers to help them perform their mission. Now that we are leaving, those people are at great risk of retaliation from the Taliban and other Muslim extremists. Why would anyone want to help us in future operations, to their personal risk, when they see the way the U.S, is treating these people?

One would think that these people would be in the front of the line to enter The United States if that is their desire, but no. Biden is dragging his feet on allowing them entry, which is disgusting.

Our southern border is open. Virtually anyone who can walk across, regardless of their country of original, politics or intentions, good or bad, is allow to come and stay. And yet, these Afghanistan citizens, who served our cause, at great person risk, are in limbo. What is wrong with Biden’s thinking?

The second Biden blunder is his refusal to allow prospecting and mining of raw earth elements that are required to make lithium batteries in The United States. These elements are required to power the electric cars that Biden is so determined to force upon the American people.

If Biden were to get what he wants with electric vehicles, the components for the batteries that fuel those vehicles would become of extreme importance for our national security. Yet Biden won’t allow any moves in this country to produce them.

To make matters worse, Communist China and Afghanistan, which might well come under Taliban control, are the main sources for those materials. In the event of a war or other national emergency, Biden is turning control over those materials to those who might well be our enemies.

Once more, what is wrong with Biden’s thinking?

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My biggest glitch with Biden’s Afghanistan policy is pulling out our troops on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. That can only embolden our enemies, and I have little doubt that this was the intent.


It does make you wonder why Biden had to pick September 11 for the office pull out date. Maybe he sees some irony to it, but all it does is signal another failed policy.

It is. It’s a huge one. And let’s be very clear - the nation that has contributed the most to peacekeeping in Afghanistan has been Canada especially during 2002-2009. Afghanistan has more strategic importance than Iraq ever was and is an intelligence gold mine for stopping Islamic extremism given it’s proximity to all the major players (Iran, Syria, Pakistan etc). Also, throwing Afghan interpreters under the bus will be the final nail in the coffin for any western nation receiving help in the region ever again. When the next ISIS/Al Qaeda (and there will be another ISIS/Al Qaeda you’re a fool if you believe otherwise) materialises, the Western world will not receive the same level of support it once had from groups like Peshmerga Kurds or Northern Alliance Afghans. You only need to take a quick lesson in history to see how significant that loss cooperation will be.

And even if you don’t care about history, it’s pretty obvious what the future for Afghanistan is going to be. If you think it’s going to revert back to Taliban control, you’re dead wrong and you haven’t been paying attention. Afghanistan’s future is now going to be determined by Pakistan and China. This is a done deal. Plans are already underway. And whilst Imran Khan is the best possible choice for President of Pakistan in regards to stability in the region, I guarantee his successor will either be another Musharraf clone or the Islamic equivalent of George W Bush. Not someone I would want influencing the region with support from China.

It’s obvious that nations like the UK, Australia, US etc can’t permanently deploy significant amounts of its military in Afghanistan. It is equally obvious that to unilaterally pull up tent pegs and giving a cutoff date is the best way to make a bad situation worse. What’s frustrating is that these weren’t the only to options available with regards to policy in Afghanistan. This is a serious mistake from Biden that will lead to some pretty predictable consequences. The only positive is that it’s not as moronic as Australia’s policy, which won’t even have an embassy in Afghanistan come September this year.

I don’t think it was failure; I think it was intended.

I mean… the Taliban was Pakistan’s ploy to control Afghanistan. Would they really make it work a 2nd time?

And if China has to do in Afghanistan what it’s doing the Balochistan on steroids, I don’t count much for them having lasting influence. It’s likely the people there will have an even lower tolerance for their shenanigans than the Malaysians have.

One of the things that shafted the Soviet Union was Afghanistan. We spent 19 years there and got nothing. The Chinese are going to end up the same way for most of the country.

The part they will take will be the source of the valuable rare earth minerals for batteries. Since the Chinese are immune for criticism for war related atrocities from the left, they can do what’s necessary to get the part of Afghanistan they want.

As of this morning, the Biden State Department is yet to grant asylum to those who worked as interpreters in Afghanistan. The Taliban has already killed a number of them as the Muslim bigots take over the country as we leave. Perhaps the government could arrange a flight to Mexico for those who helped us so that they could cross the border there. They certainly deserve our support.

Perhaps the people who control Biden think they might become Republican voters. In that case, they can stay where they are and get killed.