Two officers down!! Shooting at dallas black lives matter protest!! — videos


FOX NEWS DALLAS KDFW SAYS 3 to 6 Officers are down…

Cops are down……

2 or 3 Officers are shot!!!
Confirmed— Two Police Officers Shot! (Via FOX News)
Megyn Kelly said one officer was not moving after the shooting.



Update: Four officers now confirmed dead!


ABC NewsVerified account ‏@ABC 5m5 minutes ago

BREAKING: #Dallas shooting suspect in custody after shootout with SWAT officers, police say.

On Fox they have video of the shooter shooting as it happened., hiding behind pillars and firing.


Two in custody now!

A cop taking cover, then being shot and then executed.


Fifth officer dead!

Yesterday (before this attack on police) we heard from the number one racist agitator Obama:

"Although I am constrained in commenting on the particular facts of these cases, I am encouraged that the U.S. Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation in Baton Rouge, and I have full confidence in their professionalism and their ability to conduct a thoughtful, thorough, and fair inquiry.

"But regardless of the outcome of such investigations, what’s clear is that these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve.

"To admit we’ve got a serious problem in no way contradicts our respect and appreciation for the vast majority of police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us every single day. It is to say that, as a nation, we can and must do better to institute the best practices that reduce the appearance or reality of racial bias in law enforcement.

SICK. Barack Obama Trashes Cops as Racists in Statement on Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile

And of course “Whitey” had to fall in line … (before this attack on police):

‘Appalled’: Minnesota Governor Says Philando Castile Would Be Alive If He Were White

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, who ordered a state investigation of Castile’s shooting, questioned, **“Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have.”

“So I’m forced to confront that this kind of racism exists, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t happen and doesn’t continue to happen,” he told journalists, according to a Reuters report.**

‘Appalled’: Minnesota Governor Says Philando Castile Would Be Alive If He Were White - NBC News


Appears that you all slept through the whole thing?

Last sniper is dead!

I think that there were four in all.
(One woman)

Things change quickly so don’t hold me to the information please.


The snipers are dead. good. We are allowing this country to descend into mayhem. We’re becoming a third world country. All because of democrats.


It is less than helpful when we have a president who jumps to the conclusion that racism plays a role in every instance that a white officer shoots and kills a black individual’

While the videos of the Minnesota and Baton Rogue police shootings of two black men certainly raise serious questions - we don’t know that racism/racial hatred was involved. Federal investigations have been initiated in both instances.

The facts surrounding these two police shootings are yet to be determined, yet from Warsaw, Poland Obama lectures us about racism.

White officer shoots black man = racism. It’s akin to racial profiling by President Obama. Obama never acknowledges piss poor judgment and not racism as a possibility.

We seem incapable of gathering all the facts by way of investigation before drawing conclusions regarding race. It’s little wonder many police officers are reluctant to engage citizens in minority communities - think Chicago.

BTW - could it be the shooters 35 miles from me in Dallas were inspired to act in such a grossly lawless manner by terrorist events erupting around the world? Yes, it could very well be these people simply took advantage of a demonstration that provided a rich environment of police targets. It could be a two-for: Kill cops and also foment racial unrest.

Not sure that’s the case, but it would come as no surprise to me. Especially in light of the fact this gunning down of the police officers in Dallas was well thought out/planned.


Just watched a live update on this. The Police Chief of Dallas PD (black) relayed some of the statements by one of the snipers during negotiations with a negotiator. He said that he hated whites, especially white cops, and he was going to kill as many as he could. He said he was sick and tired of cops killing blacks (no mention of blacks killing other blacks, of course), and was frustrated that BLM wasn’t being taken seriously enough by whites. The Police Chief said there were many more statements he made, but the Chief could not divulge them due to there being an ongoing investigation.

BTW, the sniper who was in negotiations was killed by a bomb, not shot as previously reported. When talks broke down, the police had no other choice but to send it a robot armed with a bomb which was detonated. He was, as the reports said, neutralized. We are becoming the wild west.


BLM should NEVER, EVER be given a permit to “demonstrate” anywhere in the US. Their “rallies” invariably wind up with someone dead or seriously injured, or someone’s property destroyed.


It’s an agenda!
Want proof?

How many “news reporters” have watched and then reported that the lady in the Minnesota shooting actually described the police officer as Chinese?
Turns out he is Asian.

First, I am not angry or scared of the police and I don’t march in the streets shouting " What Do We Want, Dead Cops and When Do we Want It, We Want It Now"!

Where are the marches and angry blacks when it comes to all the Blacks killed in the inner cities?

5 Statistics You Need To Know About Cops Killing Blacks

1. Cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, (A Far Left Paper) 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were black.

The majority of these victims had a gun or “were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force,” according to MacDonald in a speech at Hillsdale College.

Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 12 percent of the population.

But as MacDonald writes in The Wall Street Journal, 2009 statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties.

5 Statistics You Need To Know About Cops Killing Blacks | Daily Wire

If you watched Fox News this morning … Sheriff David Clarke, former D.C. homicide detective Rod Wheeler, Kevin Jackson (The Black Sphere), and former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino all denounced Obama and the BLM and most emphatically Bongino who made this comment when asked about Obama and his constant meme on Racist cops:

(BTW: All Black Males)

Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, who said that in the wake of President Obama’s comments before and after the massacre of police officers in Dallas Thursday night, he is “done” with him.

On Friday morning, Bongino told Fox and Friends, “I’m done with President Obama, and frankly so are my law enforcement friends. I literally don’t have one law enforcement friend at the federal, state or local level who has anything nice to say [about the president].”

There are many, many more Black Males that see through the Hate Driven rhetoric of the BLM movement and the Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharptons, “Reverend” Wright’s, Louis Farrakhan’s and the Obama’s of the world!

Again, In case you missed it: The Cop in the Minnesota shooting was “ASIAN”!


There are two places that I have found in which to make donations: - Accepts credit cards. On the site I found it says to make sure you put in notes to send money to the Dallas Police Department

Donate I am choosing the second option as it accepts Pay Pal. From the website: “It’s a nonprofit organization that helps families of fallen officers specifically in North Texas.”

I cant do much at the moment, but considering the courage these officers showed I have to do something. Seeing the hospital staff line up when they carried the bodies out of the hospital and the officers saluting…it’s gut wrenching.


This may be a stupid question, but why don’t you come here and become an American?


I’d love to, but I need to be adopted and/or find good corporate work there. I’m married in Canada.

This issue of terrorism certainly impacts us everywhere. Let’s all do our part to ensure democracy and liberty thrive. Nowhere is this more important than supporter those who protect us, and in turn, protect our way of life.