Two Thoughts


Just read that BO is not attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral. Seems he has more important things to do.

I can’t believe Bernie beat the Hildabeest in MICHIGAN!!! Michigan is probably the most democratic state outside Massachusetts! Not sure if this is good news or bad news for us.


Golf games to plan. If obama had attended one can be sure his speech would be all about him .


Not golf games, even worse it seems. He’s going to South by Southwest, an entertainment festival.


That’s right. I couldn’t remember what the article said he was doing. What a slug.


So, he dissed Scalia, now Nancy Reagan - and did he not skip attending Margaret Thatcher’s funeral as well. I think right after he announced an American was beheaded by ISIS a couple of years ago he drove his golf ball off tee #1.

A narcissist - that’s how they behave.


Michelle Obama will be there, though, if that’s any consolation.


Personally I would prefer it if they did not attend. Best to keep politics out of a funeral.


Except that Ozero makes it about politics by NOT attending.
There is this little something that many U.S. citizens come to expect of a President, generally referred to as "decorum and respect."
Then again, Ozero can’t help any and every occasion to be about HIM, so perhaps it’s best he did not attend.

Classical Teacher: I’m not the least surprised that a state as liberal as MI voted in favor of an outright socialist - especially as their vote came right on the cusp of a Republican mayor taking the heat for a major screw-up.
Granted, a good number of them are referred to by us as, ‘our hillbilly cousins to the north’, but they’re outnumbered by populations in Detroit, Lansing, and the like.
Just look at how long Gov. Graham lasted.

LATE EDIT: Just occurred to me that her name is Granholm,not Graham.
(If somebody’s already corrected that, thanks!)


If I were Michael Reagan, or whoever is running the Reagan estate, I wouldn’t allow Moochie to attend.


Yeah, remember that Democrat - Senator, was it? I don’t remember who it was - who was killed in an airplane crash, and his funeral was turned into a political orgy.


My thoughts exactly. Remember, she said that the only time she was ever proud to be an American was when her slickster comrade became president.


It is protocol for presidents and others in high positions in the government to attend funerals and memorials for foreign dignitaries, people of high distinction, and American dignitaries, which Nancy was included, to show respect and honor. Sometimes, a representative will attend these occasions when the President is overseas or involved in some high-level political negotiations. BO is not in either of these categories. He sent Moochie in his stead because he PREFERRED to go to this concert. What an absolute classless thug.


I recall the incident, but I don’t remember the details or who it was that was killed.


Bill Clinton fakes crying at Ron Brown’s funeral

Bill Clinton appointed Ron Brown Commerce Secretary, partly as a reward for Ron Brown's success as a campaign fund raiser. From day one, allegations surrounded the exact means and methods by which this success was attained. Investigations into Ron Brown's activities (his son would later plead guilty to money laundering) were nearing the point of indictments, and Ron Brown had publicly stated that he would not go to jail alone, when the airplane carrying Ron Brown and about 30 other people crashed in Bosnia.[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]It is worth noting that Ron Brown was just one of four Clinton campaign fund raisers to die under questionable circumstances. The others were C. Victor Raiser II, Hershel Friday, and Ed Willey, a total of three plane crashes and one "Fosterization". Following Brown's demise, his personal attorney as well as a co-worker at the Department of Commerce, Barbara Wise also died under questionable circumstances. As in the case of yet another "suddenly dead" member of the Clinton administration, Vincent Foster , Ron Brown's office was ransacked for files by Commerce staff immediately after his death.



Paul Wellstone from Minnesota. It was a week before the 2002 mid-term elections. The democrats put up Walter Mondale in Wellstone’s place but the seat was lost to the republicans.


How slovenly have we become that we can no longer expect PRESIDENTS, even, to follow proper protocol?


That is because we have lost our sense of courtesy and graciousness. It’s a dog-eat-dog world today and that’s not a joke. Our kids aren’t taught manners either at home or in school unless they attend a private or parochial school. They grow up into mannerless and crude adults. Boys don’t know anymore that it is a sign of respect to remove their hats or caps when coming inside a building. Girls don’t know how to dress modestly or to curtsey when they are being introduced to an adult. Yeah, yeah. I know curtseying is old fashioned. Kids don’t know that walking between two adults in conversation is rude. They don’t know that they are not to speak when two adults are talking. And, the list goes on and on. We’ve become a nation of crude beasts that many countries find disgusting. I’m not advocating following other countries’ rules of civil behavior, but let’s at least go back to our own.


For me it is that things have become to politically charged. Obama could be there and give a speech and the me would eat him for not crying during it.


That’s the one!


Obama not attending funerals of prominent conservatives - I would include Margaret Thatcher - is, I think, a conscious act on his part intended to signal to his followers - especially millennials ignorant of history - that these people are not worthy of respect.

Sending “Bigfoot” to these events or the idiot known as Joe Biden is the ultimate middle finger.

Obama has been an American tragedy from day 1 of his administration on every level and issue. It has been remarkable to watch so much of our position in the world and our policies turn to fecal matter as a result of the reign of this man.