Two Top Oxford Medical Experts Agree: ‘No Evidence’ Masks Work

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Two Top Oxford Medical Experts Agree: ‘No Evidence’ Masks Work

Published on August 9, 2020

Written by John O’Sullivan


In a video interview two internationally-respected British doctors from the Centre For Evidence Based Medicine (University of Oxford) are very clear that there is no scientific basis to support mandatory mask wearing in public. In fact, they say it is possible that the policy may do more harm than good.



Already there have been reports of people crashing and getting sick BECAUSE of the freaking mask!


In that article the Oxford expert admit upfront that masks work in a healthcare setting. They say this, as there are studies that verify that:

So is there any evidence that masks work in non-healthcare settings? There actually is:

Source control, it always comes back to that. Masks aren’t good protection (unless they’re N95s) but they are good at containing already sick people.

Great post. I love the photo. LOL. I guess we can now hand over the title “Science Deniers” to the Democrats…

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There is no such evidence, masks in the general public harm the wearer and provide no benefit to those not wearing a mask in public.

And you know this.

The biggest issue is probably disposable mask vs reuse. Almost all research done with masks, were in a healthcare setting using one time disposable masks. Not these cloth masks that people re-use all day and usually don’t wash for a lot longer.

It’s actually quite possible that reusing cloth masks both reduces the rate that an infected person spreads the virus, while increasing the risk that the wearer contracts the virus if exposed to it.

Yup, those barbers. If what you’ve said about the virus spreading unabated even with masks was true, they should have infected their clients.

But they didn’t, did they RET?

Take no chances with cloth, get a darth vader mask instead


I said masks harm the wearer and provide no protection for those not wearing a mask.

“Those Barbers” not infecting clients means “Those Barbers” probably washed their hands and of course the fact that this weak ass virus is not easily spread through casual contact.

But of course you will revert to your go to “correlation equals causation” idiocy because as usual ALL of the legitimate science condemns your claims and disrupts your Leftist agenda :rofl:

And I said masks are useful for Source Control. Just like this study and everyone else’s have stated.

Ah, so you admit viral load is important, and that all routes of transmission are not made equal.

It’s almost like you were listening.

And yet every source put forward here stating masks don’t work, admit they do work as source control.

Is everyone working for the Democrats? Are these Oxford Medical Experts? Were the people Tommy quoted?

At some point, your “politics explains everything” stance just doesn’t add up RET.

Nothing you have posted or referenced has proved that masks worn in the general public are useful for source control or anything else.

I don’t care what you or anyone else “stated”, I care what the scientific process proves; and it doesn’t prove (and didn’t even test!) those claims in the general public environments where you are claiming they work.

From the start of this hoax I have said the following;

This is a weak virus compared to most variations of the annual flu

The only people at any significant risk of dying from this virus are the high risk groups, everyone else can weather it like a nasty cold.

The science and evidence SCREAMS that our approach should be gratitude that it is weak and we should rush as quickly as we can toward herd immunity because that is the ONLY way we can protect the high risk groups until a vaccine is ready.

That there will NOT be any “surge” or shortage of hospital beds, or shortage of ventilators or any other of the doom scenarios because this virus ran from December to mid March in the United States with nobody paying any attention until the impeachment failed and your guys needed a new “issue”.

I also said if this virus was going to overwhelm us it would have already happened.

When Trump said he heard from a reliable doctor that the malaria drug was producing promising results, I condemned all of your guys and you for lying to condemn the treatment just because Trump said it was promising.

The facts ALL supported what I was saying then and now, you have been trying to refute the facts with supposition, junk science and corrupt models since mid March (with CSB) but I have not altered one word or position.

Because I wasn’t lying to push a political point then or now, you have been so you will land on the wrong side of history once again :rofl:

They were in the studies others quoted here. They reduce viral load, and thus, work as source control.

A bit head scratching for you to say studies which say masks don’t work as protection, but do work as source control aren’t science.

That barbershop is a general public environment.

Except you’ve admitted viral load is important, you couldn’t make that qualification about the barbershop without it.

You also admit transmission routes aren’t equal, which is something Masks play into. Aerosols are not as effective a carrier as droplets.

There was science to all of this; you didn’t deny it on any scientific grounds, you simply claimed it hadn’t been tested.

Turns out it has been.

You should tell my cousin that. I am sure he would appreciate knowing how weak this virus is while the machine breaths for him because the virus thrashed his lungs.

That is very unfortunate Maylar, it seems to be a hit or miss virus.

My brother who is 68 years old, was tested positive in a group home, yet after 2 months, not a person get sick despite many ended being tested positive.

Anecdotal stories may tug at the heart strings but they mean nothing when it comes to policy.

I am sure I can find sad stories about people who died from the Flu, but were you out there demanding masks and social distancing during the Flu season? No, you weren’t.

Everybody has their own sad stories to tell. Using them to fuck up society is another matter though.

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The average death with Covid-19 is 78, which, quite coincidentally I’m sure, happens to be the average life-span of Americans. Please note that the CDC has data about how many have died WITH Covid-19, but does NOT have any data about how many have died FROM Covid-19.

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Okay, but I doubt I will ever meet him in a casual situation; could you relay my condolences for his struggle as well as all of the facts that I have stated here on my behalf? Or perhaps he could join us on the board and I could do it personally :wink:

All flu’s are potentially deadly, even the common cold cause complications that lead to death every year in some people; that is unfortunate but it doesn’t justify destroying the lives of everyone and sentencing countless others to death because their medical issue is not Covid and therefore not worthy of treatment.

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I just wanted to state that he managed to survive to all our relief. It was a close call.

As for your message Ret, I thought it over, and decided not to pass along that message. It didn’t feel appropriate to deliver that sort of message to a family member that was knocking on deaths door, yet was not personally involved in our discussion in the slightest.