Two Years Ago, The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Didn’t Care About The Pipeline…


Ask around and you’ll hear stories of pipeline protesters who’ve traveled great distances.
They’ve come from Japan, Russia and Germany. Australia, Israel and Serbia. And, of course, there are the allies, not exclusively Native American or indigenous, who’ve flocked here from all corners of the US.
Together they stand in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a $3.7 billion investment to move 470,000 barrels of domestic crude oil a day through four states. They’re fighting against what they see as corporate greed, an environmental threat and an assault on sacred land.

Two Years Ago, The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Didn

The other day over 100 people were arrested who had started violence over this and according to the article that actual inhabitants who live there were not concerned about this pipeline which crossed their land and would provide benefits to them.

How many are paid agitators I can only guess along with econuts who have no clue as to reality in their quest to bring the world to heel and take it back to the dark ages.

The real duplicity is while obama has been trying to shut down our natural resources he has spent money to help resource development in other nations.


In the world of the Indian, everything is scared land, but for a few shekels (actually a LOT) they will WELCOME the intrusion. Anytime you deal with them and they mention scared burial site, they are reaching for your wallet.

I got this from a buddy who had to work with them in a state where there is lots of Indian land and he came to HATE THEM. And, from pillow talk with a Indian girl I dated for about 3 years. She was full Indian and her tribe had money pouring in the door. I dated her while she was going to a very costly medical school. She lived in a lux apt and she bought a new Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition every year she was in school. Everything was paid for by the Feds thru the tribe. She would fly out to see me spending holiday weekends with me where ever I was working. Flew First First class and she lived well, very well. She paid no Taxes, as her home address was on the reservation so she was not subject to Federal Taxes and IIRC she did not pay state taxes either.

She was a smart gal and very open with me about the deal the Indians have. Quite lucrative which is why so many stay on the reservation and drink their lives away…which is why she did not drink or smoke. She had originally wanted to ‘help her people’ and work on the res but she quickly found out that being obese, deiabetic and all the assorted ills came from lifestyle choices and there was no changing them.