U of Florida offers 24/7 counseling for students ‘troubled’ by Halloween costumes


The University of Florida wants students to know that if they’re offended or scared by Halloween, there’s counselors on hand to walk them through the traumatic experience.
“October brings fall weather and Halloween,” the university wrote in a blog titled “Halloween Costume Choices” posted to its website Monday.

U of Florida offers 24/7 counseling for students ‘troubled’ by Halloween costumes - The American MirrorThe American Mirror

Yeah let’s get rid of Halloween because it is scary while we watch movies even more action packed and bloody and play our games of the same on our phones and Tablets. Give me a break. This is just another excuse to get rid of Halloween. Why the religious condemnations from the holiday scares those who think religion is evil.


I was once watching one of those house hunting shows. The guy & his roommate were looking at houses (& condo’s). Well the roommate really liked a 2 story condo. The guy explained that his roommate wanted a 2 story because he was afraid of a zombie attack. WTH? This guy was afraid of something that wasn’t & couldn’t be real & was making life choices because of it? To me that’s scarier than any zombie could be.
As a society we have pampered & catered to our citizens for so long that the weak have not only survived but have reproduced & their kids are reproducing. Darwin was right but he missed the fact that evolution can go both ways. Nurture idiots & they will product even bigger idiots. Look around you & you can see the results every day.


Ohhhhh how cute. And this is WHY we need to bring back the draft. Wanna see something scary, how about a 6’6" Black Drill Sgt who tilts the scales at about 300 large and has a voice box that when he yells at you, you shiver to your spine.

I will never forget that man, it had been a long hard cold and rainy day. We had marched almost 20 miles to and from the rifle range, we were tired, soaking wet and we were now on the PT field doing push ups as if that M 14 we had been hauling had not already turned our arms to rubber. I was up front and the DI’s were behind me and I had begun to slack on those push ups.

Suddenly I hear his BOOMING voice and I see his number 15 combat boot in front of me, his foot comes up and its in the middle of my back and he booms out words that I have carried with me ever snice:

“Pvt if you cheat your body on the PT field, your body will cheat you on the battlefield, now give me 10 more”. All of a sudden I found some strength and give him 10 more perfect pushups, the we went to chow. I would pay good money to see that man today and thank him for preparing me physically and mentally for war, I owe him my life…


I would pay good money to see that man today
Don I had one of those same moments. After I retired I called my old boss. He was one hell of a mentor because he not only taught me how to do my job but also taught me that sometimes you have to stand up to what you believe in. Sadly I got his wife because he had died a couple of years before. I really felt bad about bringing up memories for her. I did learn that a lot of others had called him through the years. I hadn’t because I was overseas for about half of my 20. The call was very bittersweet for me. I would have preferred to believe that he was still alive & doing well.


Hey Don (& any other older retired military). Go over to U-Tube & cut & paste this in: Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)
Trust me, it’s worth the time!!!


I go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights almost every year. In those fun houses you find the stuff of nightmares, and yet you see lots of college aged kids on line. For example this year they reenacted scenes from the film The Exorcist and had the bad clown with his face shot off below an evil grin from An American Horror Story. Some of them get so drunk, they can’t stand up.

One year I had an attack of kidney stones and had to go to the EF. The ER guy told me they got more patients on the Fridays and Saturdays when Halloween Horror Nights were going on from ODs and drunkenness than the rest of the year.

What I’m trying to say is do these little pansies, who take fake horror really well, need counseling, or are they just a bunch of PC Bozos who need a kick in the pants? I’ve understood they’ve offering counseling to some because they are tramatized by seeing Trump for President signs on campus. If these fools are that fragile, we might has well commit them to the mental ward right now. They don’t have enough mental toughness to hold a job or function on their own.


We had one of them at PI (Parris Island Marine Corps Recriut Depot) in 1966. He introduced himself to our Recruit Platoon by saying “Now you’re pick’n the cotton”. I knew right then we were in for it, AND WE WERE.

He was the “stare at you, silent” type. He’d fold his HUGE arms and stare at you silently, and you knew you were going to get it.

I remember one time he wailed on me, and later that night in the shower I saw four black-and-blue dots on my stomach to mark where he slammed me in the solar plexis 'till I was down on my knees and saying “YES SIR”.

Some of the young pups here are probably thinking, “If anybody tried that with me, I’d punch him out”. Yeah, right . . . You know what I’m talking about, Don.

I agree with you. Guys like that prepared us for VietNam.