U.S. Attacks Syrian Forces


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : US Attacks Syrian Government Forces - It Now Has To Make Its Choice

The goal is for politically connected contractors and politicians to get rich (er).


Nonsense! The “goal” is to rid the middle east of the Bashir Assad’s, ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah and their enablers in the Iranian government…or don’t you believe that the common people of the Middle East ALSO deserve peace and prosperity?


As the United States with President Donald Trump, gets its collective base planted, the move to solidify the Arab states against the terror/radical Islamic states, the Assads, the Iranian, and funded terrorist organizations From Hezbollah and Hamas, will gain steam and the middle East issue will finally be settled for the time being until the left diaper wearers take charge again. The Ron Pauls of this world keep wetting their britches each time a gunshot is heard and it is wise not to pay much attention to them.


Read the article. The Syrian forces were on the way to fight ISIS.


RW: Ron Paul seems to have a hard time discriminating between his idea of truth and the real truth.


Try reading the TRUTH for a change. The Syrian forces were getting their asses kicked by ISIS–as were the Iraqi forces. What sort of a MORON outfits his troops in PURPLE “camouflage” uniforms???


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Ever read the Phule’s Company sci-fi novels by Robert Asprin?


Yes lol


Nope, but this situation isn’t “science fiction.” Syrian “Commandos” wear–PURPLE camouflage field uniforms!!! What in the hell do they think they’ll “blend in” with???


Gonna let you on the inside track:

My last 9 years on Active Duty I was the Program Manager for a key IT program in the Army. My budget was $127 M. due to the size of my program and the amount of money that was spent on govt contractors I either had to hire a contracting officer to run my contracts or and in my case I chose to be my own Contracting officer.

So I spent a LOT of taxpayers money on contractors and was in a near constant state of letting contracts for goods and services. Most of my contractors were small, struggling companies, and many of them were on the verge of bankruptcy most of the time. Profit margins are very tight and highly reviewed and regulated by the feds. Audits are regular and can be shallow or very deep.

I too was audited by local authority and by AAA (Army Audit Agency), let me give you some insight: Suits and ties walk into my office along with some senior military in uniform. They introduce themselves and READ ME MY RIGHTS! I am asked for any passwords I have on my computer and told to leave the building, they will call when I can come back. They suggest I go home as it may be several days, my bosses have been briefed and a full AAA audit going on.

They called me on the 3rd day and in this case congratulated me on keeping excellent accounting and the only issue they found was that I had paid a contractor $10.00 less than the invoice.

When you have a $10.00 error on a budget that big its amazing. But I will tell you, that when the first thing they do is read you your rights, it does not start out a good day.

Did anyone get rich? NO, did I get rich or get a job after I left the Army, NO. Most of my contractors you never heard of. A $127M program is NOT a BIG program, in fact its quite small. You don’t get big till you get into long term $Billion dollar contracts, Boeing, Lockheed, FMC, tanks, plane, ships etc, but most of the contracts are small and there is not political involvement, no shady deals, because there is not enough money to bury them. Sure, there were ways but you stand to lose more than you could ever gain.

I was single and had been for some time, no child support, no alimony. So I had stuff (toys) and I decided to buy a luxury sports car. Not to long afterwards I was audited again, only this time and in addition to my contractor dealings my PERSONAL finances were audited and my contractor was also audited. When all was said and done there was no there, there! But on the TIP line someone had called in and said my new car was purchased for me by my Contractor AND that I was traveling to Dallas on phony govt business to take care of my rental property and visit my family.

I had to turn in my Income Tax returns going back 5 years and of course show all my bank paperwork where I bought the car etc etc…

The reality is, the bulk of contracting the contractors barely make a decent living and on my side the downside (loss of career and jail time at Ft Leavenworth) far out weighs the few and I mean FEW thousand bucks I could scam…


I always thought that the only way to steal a million is to first steal 10 million and then offer to return 9 million of it in exchange for an agreement to NOT prosecute! Most companies would jump at such an offer. Never put it into PRACTICE, however…nor would I since I have to LIVE inside this head for years to come!


Clearly you understand how the system works! That is what is done…


I am sorry for the hardships of your situation. Your company is one of many and it appears not all have the same success or suffer the same fate. Here is an interesting article.



If the Syrian forces were “getting their asses kicked by ISIS” why would and should the U.S. intervene against the Syrian forces?


LOL, no hardships, just my job and while I worked hard, it was far from a hardship…

Yes you are correct, many get fat rich off war…


Because we USED to have a “President” who thought supporting ANY group that opposed Assad was worth supporting. Where do you think those arms at Benghazi went? To ARM those very “rebels” trying to overthrow Assad.