U.S. Border Patrol approaches two Canadian fishing vessels in Canadian waters


The federal government is investigating reports that two Canadian fishing vessels were approached, and crew members questioned, by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Canadian waters in the Gulf of Maine in late June.

According to Global Affairs Canada, the incidents occurred June 24 and June 25 around Machias Seal Island and North Rock.

While details are scant, the fishermen were members of the Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association. Laurence Cook, the association’s chair, write on Facebook that the U.S. officials claimed they were “looking for illegal immigrants.”

Cook declined to be interviewed by CBC News.

CBC News has called U.S. Customs and Border Protection for comment, but hasn’t received a response.

Dude, this isn’t right. US people can’t just violate another countries borders like that and illegally question their citizens. Just stop it.


I’m curious how many people try to cross the canadian / us border illegally? I know some of my canadian friends have complained about increasingly invasive and thorough border checks and questioning.


Thousands. Every morning, there’s a steady stream of Canadian vehicles crossing from Ontario into Michigan and every evening, a steady stream of Canadian vehicles crossing back.


Plenty of illegals are trying to get into Canada, that doesn’t mean official US Govt border people get to illegally cross into Canada, and then detain/interrogate Canadian citizens in Canadian territory.


Doesn’t Canada try to tell the U.S. how to handle the southern border crashers? Canada can feel free to pound sand.


Not with you here; two wrongs don’t make a right. If they were in Canadian territory, they had no authority.


I’m going with CITATION NEEDED there qix.

And even then, how would you feel about Mexican police illegally entering the US, detaining/interrogating US Citizens? Russian officials?


Missed that bit. They were in Canada? Then that’s something between false imprisonment and cassus belli


It’s like, right in the thread title Qix, how could you miss it? US Federal officers entering Canadian waters, stopping/detaining/interrogating Canadian Citizens. The number has gone from 2 boats, to now 10 boats.


BTW, Maylar. The Mexican “Federales” ROUTINELY cross over the border and harass American citizens and even members of our Border Patrol!


Territorial waters? Not on Canadian soil, then. At sea, shit happens. Tell you what: Canada can send a strongly worded diplomatic message, and we’ll give it due consideration (which in my view means Donald Trump uses it for toilet paper).

If Canada doesn’t like America’s immigration policy, Justin Trudeau should send a delegation to accept 11% of the ‘immigrants’ pouring over our southern border (he’s too busy groping women he ‘doesn’t know work for national publications’, though). Until Canada starts absorbing 11% (of the true number, not the official number) as many impoverished third world deadbeats as are being forced on the American taxpayer, Canada doesn’t have a moral leg to stand on. You now what Canada really wants to do with impoverished third world deadbeats? Send them to America. Just like all the northeastern bastions of progressive-ism bought their ‘homeless people’ bus tickets for San Francisco to get the ‘homeless problem’ under control. Now San Francisco is the world’s largest open-air toilet. Canada is wishing that fate on all of America.


Still disagree; two wrongs don’t make a right (and only on a compass does three lefts make a right…).


Yeah, but the first wrong means my sympathy is in short supply.


I know the article claims that this questioning took place in Canadian waters but has there been any confirmation of this?

I seriously doubt that a Canadian publication would take steps to verify these accusations if the accusations advance their political agenda.


That really sucks and is just as bad. You all should seriously do something about it.

I’m still trying to figure out the “wrong” Canada has committed here according to Qix… I mean, it’s already easier to immigrate to Canada than the US right now by many peoples experiences (including my own experience, and good lord far cheaper) so his going nutty over this 11% thing seems weird to me.

Most Canadians just ask potential immigrants to go through the system legally, just like the USA does. At least Canada doesn’t rob them blind when they start the process.


US Border Patrol straight up confirmed it to the CBC in the article.

"**U.S. officials told CBC News in a statement late Wednesday that the border agents were in the area to “enforce immigration laws and other violations of federal law.” **

**The statement — from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol — also noted its agents don’t handle fishing or boating violations, which are the purview of the U.S. Coast Guard. **

Global Affairs Canada confirmed it is investigating the incidents and said it will be contacting U.S. agencies involved."


Why would the border patrol say that fishing and boating issues in Canada are handled by the US Coast Guard?

I don’t see where “in the area” confirms the accusation that they were in Canadian waters questioning Canadians regarding US Laws.

It sounds like Border Patrol confirmed that they questioned the 2 ships, not that they confirmed the accusation of doing so in foreign waters.


I was just speaking on the hypothetical basis of what he was talking about; I don’t really know what’s what about it.


I’m trying to care about this, but somehow can’t.


Me, too, Devilneck! Who cares? The U.S. has the right and authority to stop and question ANY ship ANYWHERE that they believe MAY be smuggling contraband, weapons (or terrorists) into the U.S.