U.S. College Creates Sharia Pool for Muslim Women


**U.S. College Creates Sharia Pool for Muslim Women **


Colleges strive to create welcoming, inclusive communities for students from every background. But a new effort at George Washington University has scores of critics and supporters abuzz with heated comments that continue to pour in on various blogs and news articles.
At the request of the university’s Muslim Students’ Association, George Washington began offering a once-weekly, female-only swim hour in March. But it only recently turned into an online debate over issues of religious and sexual discrimination and - though not always explicitly - racism, spurred by an article in the student newspaper, The GW Hatchet.
The Lerner Health and Wellness Center pool closes to men for one of the 20 hours it’s open each week, with a tarp blocking the view through the glass door and a female lifeguard on duty. The university declined to comment for this article beyond a two-sentence statement that said its officials are reviewing the closure while they establish a formal recreational swim policy.

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SO? They have female-only gyms, they have female-only saunas, female-only spas, etc. It’s an hour a week for the girls (and this does not mean only muslims) to be able to swim and relax without being gawked at. Remember a lot of pools close to the public for lane swimming only. Also for adults only. If the school wants to make it a girl only time, I don’t see a problem with it. The only problem I see is a university, which most likely could care less about the opinions of Christian or Jewish concerns, will listen to the Muslim student body.(pun intended)


How exactly does this have anything to do with Islam? It wasn’t mentioned once in the entire article.


It was done at the request of the Muslim Students Association, Suds.


Oh I just can’t wait to see all those stupid young leftist women on our university campuses walking around in burkhas so the young men on campus won’t rape them.


I wasn’t aware, but they are encouraged not to wear perfume, lest they arouse the men folk.


Where do you see that?

Anyway, what’s the big deal? It’s a women’s swim hour. Like Florida said, there’s women’s hours everywhere. And females are like a whole half of humanity, it’s not like it’s only for Muslims.


Oh gosh, then it’s already started. All our young women will be wearing a bag soon. I assume lipstick and eye makeup are already banned.


Oh gee, are you another defender of Islam?


No. She’s a libertarian and holds a liberal position on an issue or two, but she tries to be fair, and I think she does a pretty good job. She’s a nice youngster.


Are you someone else who’s going to start verbally abusing me without introducing yourself first? It’s very impolite, you know. =/


Oh, thank you, Clammy. <3 =) I think you’re a nice youngster, too. :biggrin:


Man, I’m having trouble keeping up with male-female discrimination.

Politically Correct Toiletry
Coming Soon to a Public Restroom Near You

The obsession with forcing the public into unisex multiple party public toilets is upon us again.

Every few months another public body or school administrator suddenly finds toilets discriminatory because males and females are ah………different. And this difference really pisses them off.

The latest is in Britain. Where the issue does not appear to be the apparatus, but rather the signage, when the worldwide toilet door depictions of a stick figure in a skirt signifying ‘female’ toilet was suddenly determined to be sexist.(duh).

Unisex Restrooms Spreading Due to Trans-Gender Comfort Concerns | DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts - DBKP


So, we should not separate the sexes when it comes to toilets, BUT we must give in to separate facilities when it suits some…:banghead:



But these were two completely separate incidents. =/ You have no evidence GWU has mixed bathrooms, or that, ah, the country of Britain does women’s-only swim hours.


This is as close as I can come at the moment;

In 1988, **George Washington University **Law School professor John Banzhaf III, dubbed “The Father of Potty Parity,” wrote what may have been the first article on the subject, “The Final Frontier For The Law?”

In his article, he described the first restroom-equity proposal, passed by the Virginia legislature. In 2002, he filed a federal complaint seeking to declare restroom inequity a form of sexual harassment, or a violation of equal protection. (Read the complaint online.)

safe2pee - mapping gender neutral bathrooms, unisex restrooms, accessible toilets. bathrooms for everyone

A nationwide directory of gender neutral bathrooms.

20 Jun 08

Women-only swimming pools: segregation or integration?

By Newshour 32 Comments
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In France, a public swimming pool has come under fire for introducing women-only pool sessions. And a muslim women’s basketball tournament has been cancelled because men were barred from attending the event. Is France right to uphold its secular values? Or is it missing the chance for Muslims to integrate through sport?

Women-only swimming pools: segregation or integration? « BBC World Have Your Say

London organisations have begun offering women-only exercise options. Whether it’s swimming, circuits in the park or even boxing, women can increasingly opt to work- out in a tes tos terone- free environment.


Call it political correctness or just plain stupid but city officials in Dandnong, Victoria in Australia just released a new rule regarding public modesty at swimming pools for everyone that was designed to comply with Muslim demands for Sharia Law over exposing bare skin.

We’ve all seen examples of the full body coverings the Muslims call the Burqa. Now at the behest of some Muslims in Australia, the government has issued a rule that ALL Australians must cover up their bodies when they are swimming or lounging around the water.

Here is the story from the Dandenong Leader newspaper, 16 September 2010.



Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant it wasn’t the same people doing both things. Like, someone who’s for both unisex restrooms and sharia-compliant, um, bathing. =/


So when is the men’s, tranny, furry, black, asian, protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Native American, Zoroastrian, Wiccan, handicapped, gay, lesbian, athiest, agnostic, Scientology, Shinto, cross dresser, and Amish pool hours going to be.


…dude, you are totally overreacting. If the men want an hour, I’m sure they can get one. But has anyone asked?


There are intrinsic differences between the sexes, and one may well be the desire to bathe more modestly. One hour a week to accommodate this difference? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Of what import is it that a good, even conservative, idea is fought for by Muslims?


You call that verbal abuse??? To ask if you are a defender of Islam is abuse? I don’t think so. If you think Islam merits defending that’s your opinion. It’s not mine and I will happily debate on the subject, but to take offense that you have even been asked the question shows a very thin skin.