U.S. condemns Scud attack in Syria, invites opposition for talks


U.S. condemns Scud attack in Syria, invites opposition for talks

(Reuters) - The United States condemned a Syrian army Scud missile attack that killed dozens of people on Friday in the city of Aleppo, and invited the Syrian opposition for talks on finding a negotiated settlement to the conflict.

A State Department statement said the attack on a district of Aleppo and other assaults such as strikes on city blocks and a field hospital were “the latest demonstrations of the Syrian regime’s ruthlessness and its lack of compassion for the Syrian people it claims to represent.”

The statement, released on Saturday, could help placate the main Syrian opposition grouping, which turned down invitations to visit Washington and Moscow to protest what it described as international silence over the destruction of the historic city of Aleppo by government missile strikes.

“Talk loudly and carry a wiffle-ball bat,” just doesn’t have quite the same ring. The non-stop deploring from the State Department is getting all the attention it deserves. Given that it’s a monster vs. monster fight, is saying or doing anything the right thing to do?


Absolutely not. Saying or doing anything is not the thing to do. It is evil v evil and is not our fight. Let the trash take out the trash. The only thing we should do is cease foreign aid. We have already been involved too much as it is.


Lawlz we could go in and destroy both sides


Or we could avoid foreign entanglements as the founders intended and NOT be the global police.




Wish we could persuade the various and sundry monsters in Syria to go off to a corner of the desert where they could wipe each other out without slaughtering innocent civilians.


We should construct a modern day coliseum to solve disputes. Each team pits like their 150 best soldiers.