U.S. Elections

Under the auspices of each state’s office of Sec of State, we conduct 50 separate elections under largely similar, but often uniquely different rules/methods of voting procedures. If this were all there was to our national elections it would be confusing enough, but there is more - much more.

For example, each county within these 50 states has an election board - for the most part each local election board is made up of members appointed by partisan politicians. These boards are charged with complying with federal election laws along with the various/differing state and county election provisions.

As if that weren’t mind numbing enough, superimposed over this election process that could better have been planned out by a family of chimpanzees, we don’t require uniform voter IDs. Then, we decide to drastically expand mail-in voting - most often not by voter request (as in absentee ballots), but by mailing out ballots addressed to the last known address taken off voter roll records or simply “broadcast” ballots to every address within the jurisdiction.

Finally, in addition to dealing with all the issues generated by the above, election officials must account for all those voters who show up in person.

Now, as to counting the ballots. The ballots filled out in person on election day rarely offer difficulty in processing and counting accurately. On the other hand, mail-in ballots create many procedural hurdles when attempting to determining identity and validity. As if that weren’t enough, on the fly some jurisdictions have decided to allow for receiving ballots past election day - some include no postmark, because many jurisdictions allow collection points/drop off boxes to be collected and taken directly counting locations designated by the local election board. And, for those among us mentally challenged (think Biden), there are folks who will be more than happy to fill out your ballot and submit your ballot for you. Oh, I almost forgot - do they still have “motor voter” in Oregon and Washington?

Now, I ask you - what the hell could possibly go wrong?

If you were charged with the responsibility of designing a process to undermine confidence in our election system you could not possibly devise a more comprehensive system to accomplish just that. It amounts to a lawyer full employment program.


There should not be any ballots sent to anyone who did not request them. If you know you can’t or don’t want to vote in person on Election Day, then you should request a ballot ahead of time and return it in a timely manner.

If you are unwilling to go that much trouble, then you probably do not know enough about the issues to cast an informed vote.


Didn’t end up mattering though. 9 states and D.C. use these unsolicited systems. Several states already had this system in place in past elections. The only states to add this system were California, Vermont, New Jersey, and Nevada.

I know Nevada was contentious for a bit there, but it doesn’t matter now that Pennsylvania and Georgia have flipped. California, New Jersey, and Vermont were never going to go to Trump, so unsolicited ballots changed nothing.

Nonsense of course. With millions of unsolicited ballots being sent to people who’ve moved, died, changed their names or left the State/Country, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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Give Hunter back his crack pipe. Obama couldn’t flip Georgia, and you think Biden did? Not in any legitimate process

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Guess he just had more enthusiasm than Trump


Uh huh. In a year when money for down ticket republican races dried up due to negative “polling”, republicans keep the Senate and make gains in the house. Trump made gains with women, blacks and Latinos. You know its fraud. Enjoy your ill-gotten gains… higher taxes, higher gas prices, lower employment.


Probably won’t happen though. I expect the Senate to save Biden’s bacon if he actually becomes President and tries to push through that stuff. It won’t get past the Senate so will die.

Better start getting ready for the midterms. In potentially competitive Senate seats in 2022, Republicans up for election outnumber Democrats 6-4

Got more cheating in the bag for that do ya?

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Less freedom, more oppression, more division…