U.S. Missiles Strike Syrian Airfield


US missiles target Syria airfield in response to chemical weapons attack | Fox News

Hillary said one thing during the campaign and Trump said another. Yet, American politics strongly resemble professional wrestling. In the public eye of entertainment they talk a big game, insult each other, and pretend to be on opposite sides. When all the cheering and chanting is over, however, they walk into the shady back rooms with their arms around each other slapping celebratory high fives and standing for the exact same thing and being no different from each other.

I believe the gas attacks may have been a false flag. Not to minimize their deaths, but ironically, the amount killed is less than a third of the civilians killed in the U.S. airstrikes on Mosul in March.


I expect the LEFT to be left in the EMBARRASSING POSITION of trying to JUSTIFY the arch Arab strongman, Assad, to spite their true enemy ,Mr.Trump. How sickening.
Reminds me of something Mr. Roosevelt (Theodore) or Mr.Reagan (Ronald) would do.

Filibuster Foghorn


You have to take all campaign rhetoric with a generous grain of salt. I don’t believe that president Trump is doing any back room high 5’s with the establishment. His announcement last night reeked of sincerity. The president of the United States is (once again) the leader of the Free World.


All over the internet, regressive liberal douche bags were saying yesterday that Trump was allowing Assad to use the gas and that Trump was responsible for it. Today the regressive liberal gas bags, having taken a bath, are talking out of all 36 sides of their mouths saying things like war monger, Putin, flip flop, cheeto…ad nauseum.


There is NOTHING Trump could do that would not incur the moronic slurs and charges of the left. Generally I don’t believe in political retribution; I would have been happy if they let Hillary skate and just got down to business of fixing progressive carnage. THEY have essentially declared war and must be discredited in a way that the Media can’t ignore. People MUST go to prison. Hillary? Susan Rice? High level WH staff? Comey? Brennan? The Magic Negro himself? I don’t know but whatever can be made to stick in a court of law probably RICO.




It was a charity event.


Trump has spent years courting Hillary and other Dems - POLITICO


Also, Hillary stated if elected she would invoke no fly zones in Syria and people worried this would provoke Russia, and be deemed an act of war against Syria and Russia. Now, after Trump’s actions against Assad, Russia could possibly be provoked and this could be deemed an act of war against Russia and Syria. The foreign policies of Hillary and Trump are pretty much the same.


59 Tomahawks or 1 tactical nuke…you make the call…


If “parallel universes” actually existed, I wish that you could be transported to one in which Hillary Clinton was inaugurated president on January 20th. Just for a day, I’m not a sadist.


Anyone who thinks Hillary’s word means anything needs their head examined.


One Nuke would have no doubt started a war…


If you punch hard enough thats all it takes…aka Nagasaki


Nagasaki was punch number two; and it very nearly wasn’t enough.


Not sure why you mean by not nearly enough…the Japs could not get to the say Uncle table fast enough.


All I have to say on this is that I’m sure long time members on this site can remember me talking about us watching a large convoy go into Syria right before the attack on Iraq was launched.

I talked about it here because it was shown on Fox News, live. Yes, the convoy was shown. It was summarily dismissed by the media, and the leftist politicians.
The Republicans lacked the fortitude to stand up to scrutiny.

If you bought into the Barbara Striesand that Iraq did not have WMD, (which includes chemical weapons), I want you to know that you were duped by the left.
If you refuse to accept that, you are being a willful dupe.
If you are calling it a Bush conspiracy, you are being a willful dupe.
If you refuse to believe that, because of whatever reason, there is no point in discussion with you because you have no grounding in reality.

Thanks. Word to yo muthas. That’s about all there is to say on it.


Not “not nearly enough;” “nearly not enough” (as in it came close to not being enough). As I understand it, they did not rush to surrender; the government voted on surrender and were deadlocked; the Emperor broke the tie in favor of surrender.



For the Japanese, surrender was unthinkable—Japan had never been successfully invaded or lost a war in its history. The fact they some did not want to surrender is mute they had lost the war already…you have to understand the psyche of the Japs, they would have rather died and our committed suicide than toss in the towel…