U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Egypt for riot control


By Cheryl K. Chumley-The Washington Times Friday, June 21, 2013
A group of U.S. soldiers are rocked and ready to deploy to Egypt for a 9-month peacekeeping mission aimed at curbing riots.
More than 400 American troops will ultimately go, as part of the Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping force, KDH News reported.

Their mission: To man posts and security checkpoints along the Sinai Peninsula. They’re also tasked with reporting violations to the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, KDH News said.

KCEN reported that they will engage if protests and riots reach the point of threatening Israel’s security.
Part of their training included how to respond to Molotov cocktails, KCEN reported.

The force is comprised of soldiers from 13 nations. Their departure date isn’t yet fixed. KCEN said they will leave in the near future. The troops trained for six months at Fort Hood and at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif., KDH reported.


**We are not supposed to be the global police force. This is exactly why we are hated throughout the world. We need to send troops overseas ONLY in time of war with a constitutional declaration and to defend our country. This business of deploying soldiers throughout the globe for peace keeping efforts on behalf of other nations and the U.N. is completely ridiculous. It is an expansion of empire that benefits nothing but the military industrial complex. Since we can’t mind our own business and respect sovereignty while being a sovereign republic, we end up causing blowback to our country, spread our forces thin, and run up our continuously increasing debt. **


The only countries that really hate the USA are muslim countries

Global opinion of the United States, on balance, remains favorable. The median percentage offering a positive assessment of the U.S. is 60% among the 23 countries surveyed this spring by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. The U.S. receives high marks in Western Europe, where at least six-in-ten people in France, Spain, Germany and Britain rate the U.S. positively. Opinion of the U.S. is also consistently favorable across Eastern Europe, as well as in Japan, Kenya, Israel, Brazil and Mexico.

U.S. Favorability Ratings Around the World Remain Positive | Pew Research Center


You don’t support sending troops to Egypt, do you? Could you imagine a United States like this? We would have commerce with all, but entangling alliances with none. We would have a powerful military built up, but use it only when provoked and when needed to protect ourselves. When doing so, war would be constitutionally declared. We wouldn’t intervene on global affairs, U.N. interests, or the affairs of other countries. Our troops would not be spread thin. We would have the most powerful military in the world and it would be affordable. We would be known throughout the world as the country that could destroy any country hands down, but we would only do so when provoked and when not provoked actually mind our own business, and will engage in commerce. We would be feared and respected.


And they are also the only to attack us, as of late anyway.


See, Egypt is a place where we do need to maintain good ties. We want unfettered access to the Suez canal.

This is due in part to liberals at home not allowing us to use our own oil. Also, it’s a great shortcut for our Navy. Without it, we (our Atlantic Fleet) have to sail all the way around South Africa.

Having said that, our good ties should not mean that we have to send them troops to quell their own civil uprisings that they cause themselves.


F**k Egypt, we should have let France and England retain possition of the Suez Canal back in the fifties when Egypt took control of it by force.

Eisenhower ordered France and England to abandon their jointly owned canal backed up by U.S. military threat.