U.S. Taxpayers Spend $355,825 to Reduce Stigmatization of India’s Transgenders


Read more: Obama Spends $350K to Study Transgenders in India | Government Spending | Fox Nation

The founders never knew how good they had it. I would love to have to deal with excessivetaxes on sugar, paper, and printing tools, instead of my tax money fundingabortion, foreign regimes ruling with Sharia Law, and transgender studies inIndia.



lol. I’m pretty sure we spend more studying toilet seats. Be grateful there isn’t an extra zero there.


Wrong is wrong no matter the number of digits to the left of the decimal. We shouldn’t have spent a cent on it.


There is a study largess out there for any type of research, especially for off beat studies. As long as one fills out the paper work correctly, has a ‘fixed’ amount and basis for the amount, you can get just about anything you ask for. There is federal grant moneys out there just waiting for someone to claim it. The trick is knowing how to PROPERLY and thoroughly as well as persistently one fills out the paperwork over and over again.


I don’t see how it’s intrinsically wrong. Anthropologists could be studying the culture of Thailand.


Add in shrimp on treadmills, prostitutes in China, snail sex in New Zealand, why a high percentage of lesbians are fat, etc, etc, it adds up fast. How about taking that money and reopening The People’s House to tours? Maybe using it to stock food banks? Cancer research?..


Also those new Abrams tanks the military doesn’t want: $500 million.


It’s intrinsically wrong because it’s taxpayer money being spent on something that doesn’t benefit taxpayers at all, directly or indirectly. Academic grants should go to academics whose research has the potential to do something positive for the country that is funding it.


Very true! Give the folks a tax break and let them decide if they want to give their money for the study of fat lesbian prostitutes eating shrimp and snails while on treadmills!


Most scientific discoveries that benefit the public stem from scientific research that has nothing to do with benefiting the public. See penicillin or X-rays.

I think if we decide to fund science, we also have to accept that we have no right to pick and choose which research to fund. Scientists choose that, as they see fit. It’s not up to taxpayers or Congress to decide what areas of science are most pertinent.


How is Reducing Stigma of India’s Transgenders scientific?


Oh, I don’t know. I thought it was scientific research.

Nevermind, this is stupid.


Whether or not it’s legitament is a moot point. It IS. Look up Grants on the search bar, it’s a whole business out there of people waiting to find you any grant you qualify for. I may not like it, but there it is. Actually my son in law depends of federal grants for his research [which is a necessary research] in brain, optic and aural studies from the battle field.


I’m all for R & D Projects that will aid our ability to defend ourselves, to assist in the development of new technologies, new medicines or medical procedures, and to enhance human society. I don’t like throwing money around to research Lesbian Obesity, Robot Squirrels, Snail Sex, or now, Indian transgenders.


Watch out you’ll have to take off that libertarian and put back on the conservative :biggrin:


Well I am also a historian and have seen the contributions of patrons to scientific research and human advancement. I’d rather it come from a private citizen as it does not come with strings attached and it doesnt come out of MY pocket.


Whether or not we agree on government largess ie: Grants, they are there and a certain amount of money is put in the budget [which we have not had for a few years] for grants, which is then metered on a first come first serve and on an as needed basis. Much of this grant money is actually not filed for. There is a board who determines eligibility and ofttimes does not use wisdom in selection. Any one here can file for a grant either for college, separate studies, research, neighborhood needs, etc.
I may not like it, you may not like it, but until a conservative congress and presidency gets in, this grant program will be completely abused, because it is administered by total incompetents.