U.S. Troops Are Reported Back in Iraq Over Syrian Crisis


U.S. Troops Are Reported Back in Iraq Over Syrian Crisis

More than 3,000 U.S. military personnel have secretly returned to Iraq via Kuwait and 17,000 more are on their way in response to the civil war in Syria that has spilled over into northern Iraq, according to a reportpublished Monday by Iran’s Press TV.
The news follows by four days a report from the Russian news service RT that the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has joined the* USS Iwo Jima* off the coast of Syria. Both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week issued stern warnings to Syria about unspecified but serious “consequences” that would follow if government forces in Syria were to use chemical weapons against insurgents fighting to overthrow the government led by President Bashar al-Assad. The warnings came after reports that intelligence sources have reported signs of activity where the Assad regime is believed to have chemical weapons stored. At the same time, U.S. officials have expressedconcern over the possibility that Jihadist elements among the rebel forces might capture those same weapons. Israel is worried — along with Western nations — that the militant Islamic group Hezbollah, an ally of Iran and enemy of Israel, might be among the rebels likely to get hold of and use chemical weapons.
The United States and other nations wanting to help the Syrian rebels in their efforts to topple the Assad regime are also concerned about Nusra Front, the one Syrian rebel group with the explicit “stamp of approval from al Qaeda,” according to a New York Times report that identified the group as “a direct offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq.” A veteran of the al-Qaeda force in Iraq, who said he has led the Nusra Front’s efforts in Syria, is quoted in the* Times* as saying: “This is just a simple way of returning the favor to our Syrian brothers that fought with us on the lands of Iraq.”

U.S. Troops Are Reported Back in Iraq Over Syrian Crisis


OOOHHHH nothing like letting the world know our “secret” intentions.


No…Obama didn’t withdraw them prematurely did he? (sarcasm intended)

It’s not like he wasn’t warned!


My point is, Obama may have warned Syria, but for the press to then point out we stationed 'x’amount of troops in a given area, that gives the Alquaida time to harrass these troops, and time for the Syrian regime to plot their next move, time for other muslim countries to complain that we have renewed a presence in the area. And what does he think he will do with just 3000 troops? he seems to have no regard to young peoples lives.


Obama is only keeping his promise to be the most transparent Regi…er…I mean Administration in history. Problem is, he is only transparent to our enemies. he is the most secretive Regime in history toward the American people.


Now, I agree this administration has little regard for operational security. However, I also have a problem with these troops going in the first place. They just left Iraq and now they are back and to get involved in the Syria mess of all things. For a while now, people have been warning Lindsey Graham, McCain, and Obama would get their way with involvement in Syria. This is a situation in which we should let the trash take out the trash. There is a dictator on one side and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda on the other. Why choose sides and get involved? Instead, our administration is choosing the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda (again) and involving our troops to do so.

I don’t understand why anyone would accuse Obama of not having an aggressive foreign policy though. He is just as interventionist, if not more so, than any other president. It is because he is a globalist dictator.


Now come on folks. How can he help the Muslim Brotherhood take Syria without troops close by?


Agreed. Whatever happen to maintaining some level of subtle?


My daughter, mother of two, has spent one tour in Iraq and two tours in Afgannistan. She tells me that most of the troops are not happy with Obama. (to put it mildly)


[quote=“natstew, post:3, topic:37454”]
No…Obama didn’t withdraw them prematurely did he? (sarcasm intended)

It’s not like he wasn’t warned!
[/quote]It is not like men and weapons roam freely across Iraq going into other countries with the blessings of the Iraqi government./sarcasm