U.S. Urged Ecuador to Act Against WikiLeaks Leader Assange


Quiet pressure from the U.S. government played a role in Ecuador’s decision to block WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from using the internet at Ecuador’s London embassy, U.S. officials told NBC News.
“It was a bit of an eviction notice,” said a senior intelligence official.
Ecuador’s government said Tuesday it had partly restricted internet access for Assange, the founder of anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, who has lived in the South American country’s London embassy for more than four years. A source familiar with the situation says the Ecuadoran government has been frustrated with Assange and his presence at the embassy in London for months and has been considering how best to proceed.

U.S. Urged Ecuador to Act Against WikiLeaks Leader Assange - NBC News

The democrats are running scared that their plans and actual deeds are coming to light which even includes their fraud with voters. They want to silence wikileaks.

obama promised a transparent administration as did Nancy Pelosi when the democrats took over congress back in 2006. Since then they have worked over time to corrupt the system and the GOP has been helping them.

Now I did not watch the debate except for a second or two and I read Trump came out on top with many people. That second or two showed me that Hillary was lying through her teeth as usual as to her goals.

Meanwhile Russia is building up and shaking their saber letting the U.S. know they are going to finish ISIS while obama plans on letting them escape into Syria to help destroy the present government which he has wanted to do since the start of the so called Arab Spring.

If Hillary manages to win the election can a major war be far behind?


Better hope Assange is building up to something big. Something that’ll curb Clinton’s momentum.

That’s the last chance Trump has at this point.


Watched a little of the debate tonight. Chris Wallace asked Clinton about her views on open borders and foreign trade revealed by the Wikileaks release. She went straight to Putin is hacking America and 17 agencies say so and Trump and Putin are best buds. Never really answers the question, just some mumbling about an open borders power grid. And Trump didn’t press her on it either. She’s such a gifted liar. We can all see it. Her followers have to know it, and they just don’t care. That’s why I say she’s gifted.

Dunno if he ever asked her about rigging the primary election. He hadn’t by the time I turned that sad comedy off.

I say give Assange a medal right along with Snowden.


When a Govt becomes based upon a LIE then that becomes the engine that drives it. Bill Klinton started it, Obama got it rolling and Hllda will take it to heights not seen since the days of USSR. So what occurs is the govt begins to implode ad the LIARS begin to believe their own LIES as they do this instability results and after awhile you cannot lie enough.

People will believe its raining outside in spite of the sun and blue skies, people will believe the economy is going great and buy into the lie that well there are only a few pockets across the US that are not doing well. The people will only believe for so long that it is they that live in one of the pockets of poor economic activity.

So how does the govt cover up all the lies. The Romans did it and did it well. THe govt gives them bread and circuses, in other words the govt takes care of basic needs of Food, Clothing and Shelter. This program has worked so well that today we have about 100 Million people on it.

The far left is forced into building a house of cards and they all fail because the light of truth is its mortal enemy.


I am surprised no one has pressed her on it. She wants to become President but had to rig the primary process to ensure it. So much for democracy. On top of that Bernie just rolled over and endorsed her and his followers just let her steal and make a mockery of the Democratic primary process. Is is pathetic and just shows that the left is full of limp wristed men.


My sig says it all.


It won’t happen. Even if they caught her red handed running a sex slave operation or Murder Inc. the main stream press won’t report it until after the election. If they did report it would be labeled “unsubstantiated charges.” Of course the charges made by the women who claim that Trump groped are unsubstantiated, but they are reported at the top of news with big headlines as if they have been positively proven.


I don’t think Bernie wanted to nomination anyway. He just wanted to push the Democratic Party further to the left.

Do you remember when Bernie said he didn’t want to hear any more about Hillary’s email problems at the beginning of one of their debates? That was pretty telling. It should have been a major issue for him if he really wanted to beat her.

He spoke up about the emails later, but by then she had things wrapped up.


I think he was under the impression that she would play fair and they would have a civil contest. That or she had already bought him.


Knowing the Clinton’s history of personal destruction for their enemies and opponents, it’s hard to believe that Berie would have thought they would “play fair.”


Well, making nice with her got her to cancel his suicide, dinnit?


Nah, the media would report it. She would respond like this, “My charity does so many good things around the world and Russia’s hacking us and Trump is in love with Putin.”

Her followers would tell us, “She won’t be as awful as Trump. That’ll be the end of the country. Besides, it’s really not that bad. It’s not even really a crime. Besides, other people did it too.”


That or she had already bought him.
Maybe the Clinton foundation has stepped in to help Poor Bernie buy another half million dollar house. After all he NEEDS a roof over his head like everybody else.


And you forgot one other Clinton defense for wrong doing.

“That’s old news. That was reported months ago. Everybody knows that. It doesn’t matter now.”

That’s how her email server activities are now viewed. It’s just background noise. Who cares if she broke the law? It’s an old story.