U.S. warning terrorist of Russian Attacks


I believe we also warn before we make bombing runs.

LiveLeak.com - Syria: US-coalition drops leaflets warning on ISIS of approaching (russian) air strikes


Luckily, these babies seemed to have made it through without one:

Video: Lucky escape for babies at maternity unit in Syria after missiles hit building - Telegraph

“the Russians are using dumb bombs. Their history has been both reckless and irresponsible,”

I’d believe it; we’d be too if we were still using munitions from the '50s.


obama would rather let ISIS survive


After the way they embarrassed him? I doubt it; the man is always ready to take action when it concerns his ego.


Seriously? You’re talking about Mr. Lead-from-behind?


[quote=“old_dog, post:5, topic:48292”]
Seriously? You’re talking about Mr. Lead-from-behind?
[/quote]Others had to make the decision to get Bin Laden. obama was busy planning his next golf game.


Try “got-us-into-Libya” and “Almost-got-us-into-Syria-despite-mass-rejection”. Because ego.


He’s got ego, but I don’t agree that was the reason; it was because he was on the side of the enemy.


Assad was his man in the Middle East; his developing story for how negotiation can lead a nation into democracy. He and Clinton tried very hard to have a relationship, offered material support, and had dinner with him. Then Assad went and turned malicious; ignoring his warnings along the way.

Lead to to two things; the U.S. supplying the opposition with weapons, and the contemplation to become directly involved.