UFW Sued by Family Farming Co. for Defamation


UFW Sued by Family Farming Co. for Defamation
by Ben Shapiro

18 Feb 2013, 1:10 PM PDT

Twenty years ago, when Gerawan was first entering business, the UFW started a local at Gerawan. It was certified by the state’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board, but then became completely inactive, failing to negotiate with management or serve its members. For two decades, employees at Gerawan didn’t even know they were supposedly unionized. By now, 95% of all employees at Gerawan weren’t even working at Gerawan when the union was certified.

This year, the UFW has resurfaced, demanding union dues from Gerawan’s workers, who had no idea they were union members. When the employees balked, UFW claimed that they had abdicated their responsibility because Gerawan forced them out. There is no evidence to support that claim, and so Gerawan is suing the UFW for defamation.

Their defamation case is strong. The UFW took to the pages of The Business Journal to accuse Gerawan of violating union law. But no such violations have ever taken place, forcing the UFW to back down and claim they were misquoted.

OK, Libs/Progs and other pro-union folk, pop quiz time! Why did “UFW” seem instantly familiar? What Lib/Prog icon founded the UFW?

Remember Cesar Chavez (and his slogan recycled by Obama, “Si se puede!”?)? Sure you do! Guess what? This case exemplifies what Chavez made of his union, though he died long before this lawsuit and its cause of action. Even back when Gov. Jerry Brown (yes, that Jerry Brown!) s@#$%ed over CA farmers by creating the farmer-hostile ALRB, Chavez was all about creating a little empire for himself and his family (one of the relatives he appointed to a high position in the union almost ruined the union through incompetence).

I realize I’ve a well-earned rep hereabouts for being skeptical-hostile toward unions. BUT I have zero sympathy for any farmers who actually did abuse their workers. I have to state that as hypothetical, because, despite being a farmer’s son who knew a number of farmers while growing up, none of them abused their workers. How many were basically decent people and how many figured out that abused employees are unproductive and do poor work, I won’t try to guess. Anyway, I thought it good to give this little sample of the bitter fruit produced by the iconic Cesar Chavez. Enjoy!