UK Christian School Drops Cross From Logo After Complaints It’s “Offensive”…


Parents at a Church of England school have been left furious after council bosses removed the Christian cross from the school’s logo.
Oak C of E Primary School opened last month in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire after three pre-existing school merged into one huge institution.
When the school was launched, it boasted a logo with an oak tree whose branches took the shape of the cross, in a nod to its Christian connections.
But just a few weeks later, the cross was replaced with three branches, and the original logo used on large banners and school uniform prototypes had been scrapped.

UK Christian School Drops Cross From Logo After Complaints It’s “Offensive”… | Weasel Zippers

This could happen here. In the past there have been efforts to remove crosses even from churches.




The (Anglican) Church of England seems to be following in the perverted footsteps of the American (Episcopal) iteration of that denomination and embracing homosexuality and other anti-Christian practices.


I guess they find it offensive the uncompromising holiness of God means every single person is deserving of Hell and can only be forgiven by repentance and faith in Christ who bore our sins. I guess Christ being the only way to the Father is also offensive. The thing is, when Christ is considered to be only a way, there is no offense, but when He is considered to be The Way, there is offense. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess, and some will go to eternal paradise while others go to eternal damnation.