UK: Muslim former Home Office adviser says police tactics “radicalizing” Muslims


“There are simply too many arrests….This leads to individuals being pulled up on really very flimsy evidence, only to be later released. The implications of getting it wrong can only further radicalise some individuals and that’s the worry.”
So let’s get this straight. According to Jahan Mahmood, there are loyal, law-abiding Muslim citizens of the United Kingdom who hate jihad terror as a twisting and hijacking of their peaceful faith. Some of these people are being arrested on “really very flimsy evidence, only to be later released.” That so enrages them, and those around them, that they end up embracing the jihad terror that they had rejected until they were falsely accused of participating in it.

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So a muslim politician blames police for daring to question muslims because that supposedly radicalizes them. Nope outside of the fact he is a muslim other politicians who have mouthed similar nonsense play right into the hands of muslims with thoughts of murdering innocents so they can go get their 72 virgin Helen Thomases.


They use that tactic because they know it will appeal to a lot of people. Somebody needs to inform the public that Islam is a “radical” religion and that these “radicals” are simply following the tenets of their religion.