UK Student Kicked Out of College for Defending Traditional Marriage


Felix Ngole, 38, was expelled from Sheffield University after faculty staff decided he ‘may have caused offence to some individuals’.
The postgraduate father of four, who was studying to become a social worker, has been told his actions affect his fitness to practise and was ordered to hand back his student ID and library card.
Mr Ngole was reported after using his private Facebook account to express support for Kim Davis, a county clerk from Kentucky, who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences after the introduction of same-sex unions there last September.

UK Student Kicked Out of College for Defending Traditional Marriage, Kim Davis - Leah Barkoukis

One point is clear it is not only in this country does people get in trouble for their views even when not at work or school. Expressing a christian view is becoming an issue with those who would take the rights of christians away along with the rights of whom ever someone deems is offensive.


Sam what you are seeing the growing movement to marginalize the US Constitution. If you wanted to do that then the Amendment to go after is the 1st with its Freedom of speech and religion.

If you want to usher in Socialism then you have to raise the control over people aka communism. Communism will not flourish where one has freedom of religion and speech. You must take away their (the peoples) God given rights and instead make them govt rights.

You also see the diminishing of the military and in its place the local police or as the jargon has bubbled to the top: “First Responders” which they are not (unless you are unconscious), but if you can get the people to believe that then your control is almost complete and you can establish a police state. Military has an oath to the Constitution, LEO’s do not. So why aren’t the LEO’s First Responders? Succinctly: When seconds count, police are only minutes away! Simple as that. YOU are the first responder. In my county of 35,000 folks avg time to respond outside the city limits is 22 min unless when you place the call a LEO is already nearby and not otherwise engaged. So if I look out the window and have a couple of hyped up guys coming up my road to my home, I know instantly they climbed over the gate or the fence, they have guns in their hands my options are:

  1. Dial 911 and set by and watch as they rape my wife and daughter and son, kill my dogs and beat me to a bloody pulp so I remember nothing

  2. Greet them at the door with my Desert Eagle .50 Cal in one hand and my S&W 44 mag in the other and ask them if they believe in life after death…

Now what were we saying about who is the First Responder?

Negate the 1st Amend, dimmish the military (anyone note the Ruskys doing barrel rolls over our Naval ships and NOTHING being done about it), elvate local LEO to First Responder status taking our responsibility for ourselves and our family away from we the people. And the current rapidly growing wave in support of Socialism.


OHHH< It goes far beyond that, Don; marginalize religion and just plain moral conduct for that matter. Create chaos on every level, the courts are in Chaos, the police departments are in chaos, municipal governments by and large are in chaos, the citizenry as a whole is falling into chaos, black against white, fag against straight, women against men. Watch as we see our whole election process is in chaos, our government representatives no longer represent the people, our media no longer separates truth from fiction, our media pushes agendas instead of issuing factual reports. NOT one nation trusts America any more.
YEP!!! Obama’s America is being changed and it ain’t good and I really doubt we’ll ever see the great America again. Rome is falling and can’t get up.


The Left is having a party, kicking the load-bearing walls out from under our social structure.

And they’ve gotten so much done already. Does anyone wonder how this loud, foul, New York grifter and influence peddler, marginally a developer…how it is he’s gotten away with first being a moonbat liberal eighteen months ago; and THEN smearing the star of the Conservative Movement…with an entirely fact-free campaign?

Because today, facts do not matter. Honesty is for old fossils. Truth is relative; and ultimately it’s whatever you want it to be. Whoever has the loudest and most violent mobs. Not only is truth and fact being ignored, but large numbers of people don’t want to listen to it.

They don’t want to hear about the Constitution. They want a superman to come and save them - with big, unchecked government, sure, but “better” and “smarter.”

Sound like someone from the past? It should. Just about every demagogue who’s risen in the modern age has sounded like that. Right up to the demonization of innocent bystanders or moral opponents.

We are in for it. Social anarchy; and a megalomaniac using mob psychology to build up his army of cultists.