Ukraine and You!

I cannot conceive of Donald being intimidated by Vladimir…too bad about him being voted out.
Let’s face it:. A trained KGB thug like Vlady is not backing down from Grandpa Biden and the NATO KNUCKLEHEADS.
The Senator asks the body at large:


Yea, Putin and Xi celebrated as much or more than the Democrats when Grand Pa Biden got elected. It did not take a spy degree from the KBG to figure out that Biden has lost most of his marbles. All you had to do was look at him during the presidential campaign.

That’s one thing presidential campaigns are for. If a candidate can’t hack it to run a decent operation before he gets to the White House, he has no business getting elected.

George McGovern and Mike Dukakis proved that. I was a stupid, brain washed recent college graduate in 1972 when I voted for McGovern.

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Literally everyone believes you.

That is quite a hard question. Is it the the guy who wanted to do peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David on 9/11/19? Or the guy in a hissy fit cut the amount of active personnel in a nation 40 million strong from 5000 to 2500 after they lost a legitimate election?

Oh, wait, that’s the same guy? Nevermind. I think Trump is the most courageous man alive. That guy doesn’t run away from anything.

I yield my time, good senator. I would, however, respectfully suggest the senator gets some self awareness the next time he addresses the House. He might make less of an embarrassment of himself that way…

Kind of feels likes the wrong question, as we didn’t have business being in Vietnam. After the ~10 year mark in Afghanistan, we shouldn’t have been there either.

Once again I have not explained myself clearly and concisely:
The question should have been a comparison between the USA and our Vietnam Experience and the USSR/Russia and their Afghanistan Experience. My interest lies in the realm of “WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO BE ENTANGLED IN ANOTHER SHOOTING WAR WITH NO CLEAR EXIT PLAN OR GOALS?”
I am afraid everyone knows Grandpa Biden is a reincarnated Lyndon Johnson.
So sorry, Ukraine.


The same political party that gave us Trump and Dick Cheney, duh. All of America’s traditional allies (excluding Saudi Arabia and Russia of course) loved it when Trump was in charge. And Cheney’s record for quick wars and clearly defined exit plans speak for them self.

There. I gave you an answer. Mission accomplished, you might say.

Once again we find warring (or at least, “threatening”) factions responsible for à rise in gasoline prices. This situation can only tempt the current administration to interfere in Ukraine.
Do you suppose military planners are preparing “MILITARY ASSISTANCE COMMAND, UKRAINE” to infiltrate advisors even now???
Pay attention now ,folks. Failed political policy domestically equals foreign adventuring in an attempt to save face,
“L.B.J. and the Great Society” are proving to be a template for “Little Biden Joe and the Deadbeat Society”.
And me with five grandkids of military age. What can they do to avoid the draft?



I can’t understand how democrats think trump got elected with the help of Russia when he was the last person who would go along with their plans

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It was one more of their “big lies” they used to de-rail the Trump administration. If there is anyone who is closest to Vlad Putin’s political philosophy, it’s the opinion leaders of the Democrat Party.

Bernie Sanders may have been who of the few people in the west who was sad when the Soviet Union collapsed. He’s probably secretly rooting for Putin to re-create the Soviet Union now. Bernie would like to celebrate a second honeymoon in a reconstructed soviet Union.

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All Democrat presidents with more ambition that brains have looked to become the next FDR. That was why Lyndon Johnson failed.

One of Grandpa Biden’s few honest moments in the 2020 presidential campaign was when he promised to be “The most progressive president ever.” Since he doesn’t have enough brain cells left to figure out how to do that, he’s made Bernie Sanders and AOC his chief advisors on public policy.

Vlad actually likes the current state of the country most Democrats are “unpatriotic”. He’s a nationalist, the gop is nationalist, shinzo abe is nationalist I swear there is the big global poplulist nationalist push like in the 1930s and we all saw how well that worked out.

Since you are rooting for Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, @Unitedwestand, which will put you on welfare, you hope, I assume that you think that Vlad Putin is you guy. He is trying to bring back communism to Eastern European.

It’s a shame that the government spent money to give you a college education, and yet you spend it here advocating for.handout. I used mine to make a retirement fund. The BA and MBA thought me a great deal about the economy works.

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He’s an oligarch not a communist. Fun fact not a communist, I’m a social democrat in the likes of Sweden and Findland. He’s pro growth and capital funds, look at his private fundings with the wagner group.

One wonders if “Progressive” refers to “Progressive” in a negative sense, which Biden can truthfully claim?
As in:
A new low in morals and values
By the way, if we are progressing, why is suicide at an all-time high?
Why is dangerous drug use at a phenomenal level?
1 in 6 Americans using prescription antidepressants?

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@Senator_Foghorn, your post reflects the reasons why I put the term “Progressive” in quotes. Their movement is really “regressive.” They are running away from progress toward the system run by dictators, emperors and kings where a few people have all of the power and make themselves rich and powerful. The “positive” side of “progressivism” is that they think they know what’s best for everyone, and that they have all the answers.

That’s how the progressive college student thinks. If they get elected to public office or have power in a “progressive corporation,” that idealism fades, and they come to the realization that progressivism gives them the power to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Then they become part of the woke corporate system that can support Communist China. They can ignore the bad policies of the totalitarians because, like them, they think that an all powerful government knows what is best for all.

I’m reminded of a quote:

Every time we get an Obama you people tear him apart, then throw a Trump on us. The law constantly changes, the rules are being broken openly. Politicians say one thing one week and a news caster says let me play that back for you and they disagree with themselves. The American Dream is slipping away faster and wallstreet can’t stop selling all the equity to China. You have these fascist pigs in the streets shaking people down and it’s always poor folk taking what little we have with total impunity what other profession can you not sue? Were not in Mayberry anymore. The old world is dying and the new one struggles to be born this is the time of monsters.

That’s actually not happening.

Equity markets in China are highly yet capriciously regulated, foreign investors are very uncomfortable there as there are no guarantees their deposits are safe, and the general trend of Chinese system, for years, has been capital flight, and their regulators throwing on yet new controls to try and stop said flight.

You watch China Uncensored, you should know something of this.

What happened in Hong Kong has accelerated the discomfort for investors.

Thank you for debating the point. And now, back to Ukraine…
After reviewing the historical record of the Russian/ Ukraine situation, I am struck by the resemblance to a Civil War…
Americans have a poor record when involved in civil wars, especially in foreign backwaters.
We Southerners are kinda "touchy"àbout civil wars, ever since the War of Yankee Aggression, don’t you know. Makes us suspect some kind of foolishness out of Washington.
I don’t recall all the rules, Mr. Moderator, but if permissable, I recommend a review of the historical record at CFR.ORG/ Ukraine by our Noble Readership.
Many thanks.