Ukraine and You!

Who cares? If you’re black you get a free crack pipe.

Looks like the free-crack-pipe thing isn’t happening. Apparently, Biden needs them all for his administration.

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You mean no more free crack pipes? How on earth will he win votes now?

Alaska Slim was preaching full drug leaglization but yeah bag on Biden for trying harm reduction. It’s just great we already have crack let it be a nexus for aids and hep c. So when you get bitten by the homeleess now its your problem too.

So let me get this straight; you’re a fan now, because Biden wants it?

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No I think it’s a bad idea and I’m glad it’s scrapped but it’s funny to see you of all people buying into the it’s a good idea to bash Biden thing over this. I still can’t feel the covid another positive PCR test today.

No where did I bash Biden over this.

And we’ve been over this; it’s a good idea. Certainly better than the War on Drugs.
And since it’s not legislation, I don’t see why you would object.

Isn’t this just a case of “Europe does it better” that you’re so fond of?

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Actually Canada and Mexico have the most liberal drug policies in the world. It’s a misconception that Europe has liberal drug policies go look at the legalization of marijuana map on wikipedia or anywhere. we lead past Europe on liberalization.

I’d say if you were a drug addict Portland or Vancouver would be the most accommodating as well as Montevideo & Mexico city for espanol speakers and Amsterdam for dutch Germanic speakers. PORTUGAL AND SWIZERLAND decriminalized not LEGALIZED but DECRIMINALIZED drugs but officers often arrest quite frequently because the quantity limits are so low. Popular opinion of drug use is low in Portugal and Switzerland. The Netherlands has a very tolerant system of drug use.

Now the Nordic countries still have a zero tolerance policy I think it works because usage rates are low there. Don’t encourage them its hard enough for them to stop with threats of intermittent busts.

Red = ILLEGAL no exceptions
Blue = LEGAL

That would be Portugal.

The limits are so low and even if they meet that low threshold officers weigh it down put their thumbs on the scale and take it to court because its not tolerated its not popular opinion. My good friend was a herion addict went to Portugal worked in the fields for a summer thought he could use there he was busted with residue alone and deported he said its worse there because atleast some cops in the big city want us dead and dont bother to take us in.

I take it you don’t spend time at clubs that get raided that play punk rock. I’m clean i’m on the pills have been for years doctors protect me here. I seen what appeared to be a 12 year old girl performing felatito in an alley for meth or some drug in Grand Rapids on new years tell me how wonderful it is the drugs tell me of the treatment and harm reduction spend some time at the clubs in denver.

And if were speaking to Harm Reduction specifically, yes, it’s been practiced across the continent:

France did a great job by forcing them into treatment facilities. Drug Courts WORK! I would support day centers for drug addicts but 50 out of 50 GOP senators are not on board as are 10 out of 50 democratic senators. Alternative drug courts, treatment centers yes I’m all for that. Not for decriminalization legalization with no support to sobriety. We can barely take care of the physically sick here, mental health treatment is a joke here and you wanna stretch a system thin with no cash or training for addicts be my guest.

They’re not:

They enable people to be functional with their habit.

Yes, they have injection rooms.

They are alternative day centers similar to jails just a kinder jail with freedom of movement they put them back into a schedule give them something real. Yes I’d support this but we can barely do this for the non addicted mentally ill here. I had to find a private MD to treat my bipolar because the county health systems are such a mess. I begged him to take me on that I’d be easy he doesn’t regret it be he outright refused at first so I lied and said fill my scripts till I can get an appt at Community Services I never got one and there were back logs and he a year later said well were you ever going to community services… I said no and I showed you I was reasonable and useful here in this small town.

We have that here in county, they don’t work without the social support and alternative help. We have methadone clinics that also use fetynal. My second cousin died, his mother has been on methadone for years. I was an ex candy kid ok… I know this more than you honestly stay in your lane. Ask people in recovery or people who have recovered for years if thats the answer they will tell you NO. I don’t know why we don’t do this for useless drunks either. We use the local soliciting and vagrancy laws but the ACLU is being a pain in our butt trying to get them sober.

Goto Denver rent a hotel in a somewhat seedy district spend some time at the clubs mingle get to know your AUDIENCE. Then go to an open recovery meeting then I will debate you. I will not debate you on this like I will not debate a 5 year old on what a reasonable amount of sugar they can have because they lack the information to know. How about putting the janitors at Dynacorp into tech development they can’t they don’t know what it is. You will likely always have the upper hand on foreign relations but this is my cause celebrity I’ve been homeless I’ve been addicted I’m a father I own a home I bought my first home at 27 I beat it early I got married at 28 had my son at 31 I did everything correct after I got clean so don’t preach.

God gave me the strength to do all that, I OWE it all to him. Ok so until you can understand gasoline doesn’t help fires then we have nothing to say on this matter we will perpetually disagree but I suggest a few nights in Dennver and a recovery meeting to see what you are up against.

That’s not what the Harm Reduction centers are:

And yes, they have these in Denmark and Norway.

I don’t care if they have them in Heaven lol. At this point you are a 5 year old telling me how much sugar is good for them. There is nothing no data no great lie, nothing that can match my life experience. Yes gussy up the treatment centers hide the overdoses yeah great idea slow down the process so no one dies yet never gets clean great idea were all doped up new world order screw it and your party says screw that its time to man up and own your mistakes.

You would have to offer addicts a deal they can’t refuse like a 4 year deffered sentence with a small life grant they could invest into if they fail they goto prison. DRUG COURTS WORK! I was given a loan on a house that was going to be demoed I fixed it up found a woman and am still paying on that mortgage I bought in. They referred me to those services saved for the most intelligent but also got issues.

Your life experience is in a country with no such program.

Data does better than anecdotes here. And if it was wrong, its curious how it’s gained popularity in Europe, and in the Nordic countries specifically.

Your system literally requires universal healthcare to work so theres that. No more healthcare as a service… you wanna yield that point? You wanna put that much resources in that direction cuts to military spending okay Bernie lets talk about funding cuts and allocation draw me up a plan or take one from the House Progressive Caucus. There are injection rooms in Denver as there are here in Muskegon methadone/fetynal clinics they exist but they gouge the people so they have to steal and I mean alot.

Private healthcare is abundant in Europe. Did you mean health insurance?

Regardless, Switzerland… and they were the first ones to do this…