UN Reports the Truth: Hamas Killed BBC Reporter's Baby in Gaza


The United Nations has issued a report with unusual courage and accuracy that plainly tells the tale of Israel’s Pillar of Defense counter terror operation – and exposes the lies of Hamas, told to a grieving father and his BBC bureau chief.

In what has become typical of international media,* The Washington Post* and a* BBC* bureau chief last November accused and convicted the Israel Defense Forces in a heartrending, angry piece without verifying their information after a fellow editor in Gaza lost his baby son in rocket fire that struck his home.

The left willingly accepted the Hamas lies. Oh wait I just know I will see some of our members come to their defense/sarcasm



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[/quote]UN Reports Hamas Rocket Killed Gaza Baby, Not IDF - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News


My only surprise is that the UN is saying this. Usually Castro/Chavez/Morsi/Kim et.al. only indict Israel and the USA for crimes against humanity which are then dutifully reported by the Washington Post and the NY Times. :frowning:


Have the WashPost or BBC made public retractions and apologies? Or is this just “old news”, scarcely getting a sentence in a Corrections section on page ZZ-28 (or 3 seconds before a laxative ad)?


Answering my question above:

WaPo Falsely Accused Israel of Murdering Baby, Now Claims It Doesn’t Matter
by Ben Shapiro

12 Mar 2013

According to a new report from the United Nations, in all likelihood the child was killed by a Hamas rocket that fell short. Max Fisher, the columnist who wrote the follow-on piece about Masharawi, did not respond to requests from the Washington Free Beacon asking if he would correct his story. As of late this afternoon, he had run a bare-bones update embedded in the piece. The BBC refused to issue comment, and Jihad Masharawi has gone silent.

This is hardly the first time the mainstream media has completely blown a story in order to attack Israel. During the Second Intifada of 2000, the New York Times printed an Associated Press photo of a man bleeding profusely, an Israeli policeman in the background shouting and wielding a club. Its caption: “An Israeli policeman and a Palestinian on the Temple Mount.” But the bleeding youth was a Jewish student beaten nearly to death by Arabs, and saved by the policeman.

UPDATE: Late on Monday evening, Fisher posted a story about his initial coverage of the Masharawi incident. First, he claims that the “question of which ‘side’ bears responsibility for Mishrawi’s death is of course important, if at the moment not fully known, in its own right.” But then he proceeds to explain that it doesn’t really matter, since knowing the source of the ordinance that killed Omar Masharawi won’t solve the problem of peace in the Middle East:

What a slanderous weasel! Not a very bright one either, since he seems to have needed time, and possibly coaching, to compose his rather standard-issue weaselry after being exposed by reality as a slanderer. Evidently, at the WashPost Israel is guilty even when proved innocent. Not that that is a surprise. Neither is the Beeb’s silence a surprise: The Beeb has spoken!


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Now Claims It Doesn’t Matter
[/quote]Then the follow on obvious response would be: “If it ‘doesn’t matter’, then it didn’t make sense to make the charge in the first place.” Apparently, it’s either NOT so obvious, or the MSM is relying on the notion that spotting the obvious is not a strong suit for the unwashed masses (most probably the latter, and the MSM holds that notion with good cause.)


Is there a link to this UN report? Forgive me if I don’t immediately accept either side of the story, especially a side reported by israelnationalnews. Not exactly unbiased, no?


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Is there a link to this UN report? Forgive me if I don’t immediately accept either side of the story, especially a side reported by israelnationalnews. Not exactly unbiased, no?
[/quote]However I am sure you believe Hamas right? Rhetorical of course you do.


Here, Trekky, three more - non-Jewish- - media sources reporting the story:

UN report suggests Palestinian rocket killed baby in Gaza | World news | guardian.co.uk

Palestinian Rocket Likely Killed 11-Month Old In Gaza, UN Report Says : The Two-Way : NPR

U.N. report raises questions about Gaza infant’s death - latimes.com

I don’t know the Guardian’s prejudices, but I’m sure it pained NPR and the LAT to report the conclusion of the UN’s investigation. Your own prejudices need reexamination, Trekky. BTW, it took me a minute or two using Bing to find the articles linked above; you might have done the same as easily and probably more so, had you bothered.

At least one of those article links the UN report. Face the facts! The WashPost and the Beeb slandered Israel. The WashPost is, at this point, weaseling rather than admitting having been wrong due to their hasty eagerness to attack Israel. And the Beeb, at this point and probably, is too busy concocting their next slander of Israel to bother admitting this slander was wrong.


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Is there a link to this UN report? Forgive me if I don’t immediately accept either side of the story, especially a side reported by israelnationalnews. Not exactly unbiased, no?
[/quote]Here is the UN Report where the “clarification” appeared (I cannot find the original report, but this “clarification” is the UN’s authorship, not from “either side”.)

Scroll down to page 14, item 39, beginning with the second sentence, and it’s buried there.

You can match that exactly with ANY report that Omar Misharawi, an 11-month-old infant, was killed on 14 November 2012.

The UN report says it is likely an errant Palestinian rocket, not an Israeli air strike, killed the baby during fighting in Gaza last November. That directly refutes a claim by the Palestinians that it was a certainty that the death was caused by an Isreali air strike.


Thanks muchly.


Gaza Photo Controversy: Corrections and Lessons
by Tamar Sternthal

Four months after November’s Gaza-Israel fighting, the media for the second time backtracks on initial reports which had wrongly blamed Israel for the death of a Palestinian child. In the first case, major media outlets, including the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Reuters and CNN, all unequivocally blamed an Israeli air strike for the death of four-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah. Within days, all except AFP later retracted, acknowledging that Sadallah was most likely killed by an errant Palestinian rocket.

This week, 11-month-old Omar Masharawi has emerged as the second child symbol-of-war-cum symbol-of-media-manipulation. In both cases, relatives and Hamas officials blamed the deaths on an Israeli air strike, when in fact Hamas rockets were apparently the culprit. In both cases, many media outlets unquestionally accepted the Palestinian claims, reporting as fact that Israel was responsible for their deaths. In both cases, journalists did not carry out their jobs with a necessary dose of skepticism, taking into account that during the fighting, Palestinian rockets were frequently fired from densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods, and sometimes fell short. Journalists did not consider that relatives and Hamas authorities had no motive for acknowledging Hamas culpability, and yet had plenty of reason to falsely blame Israel. Photographs of both children’s corpses, along with erroneous captions, prominently featured in the international media, turning both into false icons of Israeli aggression.

My emphasis. My, my, my! Not only did the US and international MSM slander Israel by blaming Israel for Omar Masharawi’s death, but that was the second such MSM slander within days or weeks! I hadn’t heard about that first slander. And when the second slander was published/broadcast, the MSM already knew caution and skepticism to be necessary! CAMERA has, of course, many Jewish people on staff; OTOH, this article provides relevant supporting links.


I remember after the first attack on Iraq, one of the alphabet soup networks showed a picture of a young boy who had lost all 4 limbs on that first attack on Saddam Hussein (at least, that’s their story), and their statement was that “this will define the war in Iraq.”


Here again the world media as with the American media seems to try to control thought and in controlling thought, controls the message, and as it controls the message it controls the governments involved. When I first joined this forum, lo these many years ago, one of the comments I made then is still relevant today and that is, we have gone back to the era of ‘Yellow Journalism’ Between the end of the 19th century and into the 20th because the era of communication was still in it’s infancy and the media, young as it was, wrote almost anything with impunity because there was little chance of proving or disproving the message. And partly with Tamany Hall corruption the media was wrapped in it’s own filth. We have a worse situation today with the few honorable media outlets unable to withstand the onslaught of fabricated lies world wide.
I will bet before Obama’s term is up, venues like these forums will be shut down, Fox will be neutered, and Obama will attempt to skate into a permanent presidency. Public opinion will be monitored and censored.