UN to regulate Internet?


I really hope this inst true.

REVEALED: United Nations Seeks Global Control Over the Internet


Oh I believe it. The United Nation basically wants control of the world by a handful of the worse people
–all in the name of progress of course. They want to impose taxes on us and be able to control our justice system, military, and police.

These are the same fools that have peacekeeping missions where they go in and abuse the populace. Their human rights section is filled by those who commit most of the human rights themselves. Now I hear someone is asking that religion tolerance be practiced. i.e. toward Islam but all other religions are fair game for abuse.


I believe it too. If they are showing up in Texas and elsewhere around the country to monitor our vote, you can bet your biffy they would just love to get their paws on the internet. Thank God for the Attorney General in Texas, he has threatened to arrest them. Nice to know there is still a slice of America out there.


This is absolutely true and its not new, they have been after control of the net for several years. They want to regulate and tax it to develop and income stream…remember they have no money. Many Dims support this by the way, they feel the net belongs to all the people of the world and the UN should regulate it, and the WH control the on/off switch…if bammy gets a second term look for a LOT of changes and closer ties with the UN in this and a lot of other thing, like gun control, cap and trade, Agenda 21…

Cap and Trade has been implemented in the US and you see the results in the gas prices thru the roof…Kalifornia!


Speaking of gas prices they went up 32¢ since yesterday.


My lord!