UN troops to occupy USA?

My half sister lives in California. She warned me yesterday to start buying of course, toilet paper, water, and food? She said she heard something is coming down the pipeline with the United Nations sending troops to the USA? So I did some googling and discovered that the UN wants to put the screws to us for being racist?

I think they plan on sending troops here to protect minorities from white people? Yet I have never met a white supremacist and I’m 42 years old. And this map shows a list of the most and least racist countries and the USA is literally in the bottom percentile of most racist places.

What the heck? What am I missing here?

“We need to stop drug abuse and drug dealing. We’re going to be sending troops and undercover officers into preschools to fix this. No we don’t talk about highschools around here shut up.”

If the “Blue Helmets” come here, they best stay out of violent big cities. They might well get shot by the people they were sent here to protect.

The far left is out of control. They hate this country so much that they are determined to destroy it. The far left Democrats hate justice and law enforcement. Their ideology has made them insane. I hope that the decent people will wake up in 2022 and vote a lot of these weasels out of office.

Even if they are voted out office, the far left has control of the Federal Bureaucracy. The Departments of Justice, Education, Environment and the FBI are all controlled but far left Democrat operatives. They hate the constitution and just about everything this country stood for over the last 244 years. Keeping our freedoms is going to be very difficult.

Pretty much everything.

Now, in this case it’s Chicago, but these sorts of conspiracies get recycled and renamed…

I pray every night for UN troops to be brought into America.

It would be the biggest gift to patriots that you could imagine. It would far outweigh the bonehead stunt pulled off in Washington on 6 January, which was a huge gift to the Left.

But of course it won’t happen. Our enemies are not stupid. And the fact that this silly rumor could be considered for a micro-second by people on the Right, shows one of our problems: our side has good hearts ,but lots of people who are not very sophisticated about how the world works.

Look … one of the deepest, most powerful, irrational emotions is patriotism. It’s what we ran into in China, in Vietnam, in Cuba, in Iraq … people don’t want foreigners with guns telling them what to do. Even if they shower the kids with candy bars as the troop trucks zoom through the village. It’s the one thing that can override what usually drives people, their personal/family self-interest.

The Communists won in Vietnam and China because they – through means legitimate and illegitimate – came to the head of the national cause. Lots and lots of people who were not Communists, supported them because of this, or were sympathetic, or were neutral, or did not fight them enthusiastically.

If the American Right could wish for anything, it would be that Mr Biden would invite in a few divisions of ‘UN’ troops, from Nigeria, Pakistan, China… but we will have no such luck.

The progressives sneer at patriotism, or at American patriotism anyway, and are doing their best to destroy it among the young. Their own young elite have no need for it, so they think … they’ll be happy working for an international (read Chinese) corporation, living a couple of years in Hong Kong, then a year in Dubai, another two years in Geneva. For these young sophisticates, patriotism is so uncool.

But the mass of people can’t do this. They need a strong state. It’s the strongest argument we have.

Please, God, send those UN troops in now…

Disagree, but I guess that depends on how you define patriotism.

Frederick Douglass said:

A patriot loves their country, but does not rebuke it’s sins.

While I can’t speak for all progressives, some of which are as unsophisticated as those on the right you alluded to in your reply, but I think the right sees the far left and it’s rebuke of past sins as a sign they do not love their nation, but just as I can punish my child and point out their mistakes, does not mean I don’t care for them, similarly, it is possible to point out flaws, real or imagined, of your nation without hating it.

Now we both agree those that support our ideas (you yours and me mine) can be misinformed, corrupt and even criminal, but guilt by association is a weak argument indeed.

Thus, I disagree with you when you say that, taken as a whole, that people on the far left “sneer” at patriotism. I think, if there is any “sneering” to be done it is with those that are blind in their patriotism.

We could have an interesting, long argument about this non-rational emotion, patriotism, which resembles the biologically-rooted love for others who bear a lot of copies of our genes, but in the USA is extended to genetic aliens with whom we share only formal citizenship. It is in fact the only authentic anti-racism.

(There is a current on the Right, small but intellectually coherent and vigorous in promoting its ideas, which poo-poo’s the idea of ‘civic nationalism’ – that you can have a patriotism based on anything other than racial identity – and promotes as the only viable alternative ‘ethnic nationalism’. At the moment it’s very much a minority, but there is a kind of malign symmetric resonance with the identitarian Left – you will know that a qualitative change has come when we start getting White Student Societies – called ‘European Student Societies’ – on campuses.)
First, I and every conservative I know, would agree with the abstract proposition that someone can love their country, but criticize and try to correct its flaws. Only an idiot would disagree. That’s not what we’re talking about.

More than that. I personally look forward to a world in which there are no separate nations of consequence … when ‘nations’ are like states or regions … and when we are a single, united human race. These sentiments would get me shot by most conservatives, but … I’m talking about many generations from now, when it will – or I should say ‘would’ – be a natural evolution, based on the material/economic/social reality that I hope our descendants will live in.

But we are not there now. And getting there will be hindered, maybe for a very long time, if America becomes the sort of country that the Left want it to become.

So … I ask myself, is it a good thing, or a bad thing, that for most of the 20th Century, the baddest brother on the block was a (flawed) liberal democracy, as opposed to, say, Nazi Germany, militarist-dominated Japan, or Stalin’s Russia?

I think it was a good thing, as no doubt you do as well. And … its citizens fought and died for it, because they loved their country, honored its flag, were proud of it. The white farm boys crawling through the surf at Omaha Beach did not think, “I’m doing this for human rights, equality and democracy.” Nor did they think, “I’m doing this because it’s the best bet I have to get a high standard of living.”

They were doing it “for America”. Most of them, by the way, if we knew their personal attitudes towards Blacks and homosexuals, would be condemned today by our self-righteous left, and their statues, had they any, would be toppled. They were fighting “for America”. (Just as the German boys opposing them were fighting, in their own minds, for Germany, not National Socialism.)

Now … I see AntiFa burning the flag … I see college administrations agreeing not to fly it, since it would offend someone. I see the Left – not the Far Left but the mainstream left, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers – pushing ‘critical race theory’, which teaches that America is saturated with racism and that this is why Black kids in Chicago kill each other by the dozen every weekend. I see the New York City Council honoring the Soviet spy Ethyl Rosenberg, and I see the Virginia Democratic Party deciding no longer to hold Jefferson Day dinnners.

I know these are not attempts to portray American history ‘warts and all’. I’m all in favor of teaching history warts and all, but not of just showing American warts. We are a nasty species of hairless tailless apes, the product of grim evolutionary selection which didn’t choose the survivors for their niceness, and genuine human history is something you actually want to shield children from for as long as possible.

American Indians are idealized today – our sports teams were given their names, our most formidable weapons systems as well. But if we really wanted to teach the truth about them, we wouldn’t omit things like this:

Male and female captives as well as teenage boys, would usually face death by ritual torture. The torture had strong [sacrificial overtones] Captives, especially warriors, were expected to show extreme self-control and composure during torture, singing “death songs”, bragging of one’s courage or deeds in battle, and otherwise showing defiance. The torture was conducted publicly in the captors’ village, and the entire population (including children) watched and participated. Common torture techniques included burning the captive, which was done one hot coal at a time, rather than on firewood pyres; beatings with switches or sticks, jabs from sharp sticks as well as genital mutilation and flaying while still alive. Captives’ fingernails were ripped out. Their fingers were broken, then twisted and yanked by children. Captives were made to eat pieces of their own flesh, and were scalped and skinned alive. Such was the fate of Jamestown Governor [John Ratcliffe.The genitalia of male captives were the focus of considerable attention, culminating with the dissection of the genitals one slice at a time. To make the torture last longer, the Native Americans and the First Nations would revive captives with rest periods during which time they were given food and water. Tortures typically began on the lower limbs, then gradually spread to the arms, then the torso. The Native Americans and the First Nations spoke of “caressing” the captives gently at first, which meant that the initial tortures were designed to cause pain, but only minimal bodily harm. By these means, the execution of a captive, especially an adult male, could take several days and night." [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captives_in_American_Indian_Wars]

Sweet. (But at least they didn’t pollute the air.) No doubt there are folks who would get off on this, but I can’t see teaching it to ten year olds. But what’s sauce for the white goose should be sauce for the non-white gander.

You want to go into detail about police brutality against Blacks in the US today? Fine. But let’s talk about Black crimes against both other Blacks, and against whites. (Some of the latter approach the Indian idea of a few days’ entertainment, by the way. Not that the liberal press will give them publicity.)

Or let’s compare the situation of Blacks ruled by whites in America, with that of Blacks ruled by other Blacks in Africa. (Question: when the dictator Samuel Doe was overthrown in Liberia, what happened to him. Details – not for those with a weak stomach – here: https://iconicphotos.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/the-torture-of-samuel-doe/)

Not long ago, American liberals would have fought back against these far Left initiatives. Can you imagine John F Kennedy apologizing for an athlete supposedly representing us who turned her back on the flag?

“Gwen Berry, who turns 32 Tuesday, earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic track and field team after her performance in the hammer-throw over the weekend at trials in Eugene, Ore., but faced away from the American flag and toward the stands when the national anthem was played, sparking both outrage and praise on social media.”

Note that: praise. And guess from whom?

Now … I don’t have a moral attitude here. I can absolutely understand an American Indian, a Black American, a Japanese American who said, “This is not my country. It’s run by an alien race, who rule because they defeated my people in the past.” If I had been in an internment camp in California in 1942, I would probably have said go shove it when offered the chance to volunteer for the American military.

The mentality of the Japanese-American boys who did volunteer for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which became, as you probably know, the most decorated American infantry regiment in history … with a very large casualty rate… is actually hard for me to comprehend. As is the mentality of the Navajos who became the ‘Code Talkers’ in the Pacific. Or the actions of Dorie Miller.

But they made the right decision. I don’t actually know whether it was a decision made on the basis that “It’s not perfect by a long shot, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternatives we’re facing, and it can get better,” which would be a rational, instrumental judgement; or on the basis of the sort of deep non-rational love that the dominant white majority felt for their country, or some mixture of the two.

So I can understand Gwen Berry. She doesn’t like my country, and I’m not offended by that. She’s not an American. If I were the President and could muster the votes, i’d do my best to give her her own country, even if it required buying out lots of, say, Mississippi whites and carving out a piece of territory for people who think like her.

Let her live in a North American extension of Africa. And when the inevitable starving and slaughtered children turn up on my TV news – as happens with absolute regularity from Africa – I can just switch channels.

But the rot is well set in. Liberals are not going to resist the pressure of those to their Left, whatever their misgivings. That old white guilt is just too strong.

No one knows the future, but I wouldn’t bet on it being a bright one for a country where its ruling elite is teaching the next generation of ruling elite to despise their own country.

Soon, in historical terms, the baddest brother on the block will be a country which has no problem at all in putting ten percent of a troublesome ethnic minority into Re-education camps. (Sort of like the Racial Sensitivity Sessions being inflicted on employees of the government and ‘woke’ corporations, only more so. Agree with Big Brother or else.) Its citizens love it.

No one there burns its flag. Its citizens are not uncrtiical of the government – I know, I was astonished on my visit to China to hear bitter criticism of the government by my taxi driver in Beijing – but they love their country.

American self-hatred is one thing they aren’t going to steal.


Except for the fact that it wouldn’t be any token force; they’d be coming in (with the Dems’ blessing) in a mass movement to play for keeps.

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And my question is, how exactly will they know who to kill/arrest?

Anyone who doesn’t knuckle under.

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I would imagine anyone with a trump 2020 sticker on their car as well

I was afraid to put a Trump sticker on my car because I was afraid a Democrat would damage it. I also drive a Cadillac CT6 which a large luxury car. That does not look good to the “woke crowd.” The car was four years old, but that doesn’t matter.

I think it’s been made pretty clear; the left has NO respect for property or opposing ideas. Anything and everything they can destroy is fair game. And it’s because they are so tolerant?

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I repeat: real UN troops brought into America would be an ENORMOUS gift to patriots, and would finish the Left off. It would be like the 6 January Capitol incursion in reverse, magnified 100 times.

Never underestimate the power of nationalism. We have consistently failed to understand it in the rest of the world, whereas our enemies understood it all too well. It’s how the Communists have come to power in every country besides the Soviet Union (with the exception of Eastern Europe.where the Soviets already occupied the country). They played the nationalist card, not the ‘international workers’ revolution’ card.

It’s why the well-intentioned neo-con efforts to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan have failed.

Robespierre, of all people, put it well over two centuries ago: People do not like missionaries with bayonets.

And it’s why the Left is working as hard as it can to undermine patriotism in the US. It’s our strongest weapon. It’s the only way to peel off some of the Left’s natural base.

Sadly, the guys in power in Washington now are not stupid. The last thing in the world that they would do would be to try to bring in UN troops to America. That shouldn’t keep us from hoping that they WILL be that stupid, but I’m afraid they won’t be.

But if they were … then these guys would grow like wildfire: https://uscpt.org/cpt/ … in fact, they’re already growing pretty fast as it is, because ‘soldiers’ who hate America and want to destroy it are already here. They have American citizenship and are one million times as dangerous as some poor blue-helmet-wearing Pakistani or Nigerian would be.

Anyway, if UN soldiers were brought to America, within a week half of them would have deserted and applied for asylum. And within two weeks, the few survivors among the remainder would wish that they had.

I disagree respectfully doug

No need to be respectful! If I’m full of Anti-fa, you can say so.

However, I would be interested if you said where you disagreed.
America is a nation of about 300 million adults. The vast majority of them
are patriots … even those who vote Democratic. But say only
half of them are. That leaves 150 million patriots. Now it’s deplorably sexist to say this, but
some people would then divide that by two, and count only the men. [These people should read
Kipling, ‘The Female of the Species’, but never mind, let’s agree with them.]

Now most of these 75 million are armed. Okay, only with basic light infantry weapons, and no crew-served weapons among them. But remember that we have two million people under
arms in the National Guard and regular military. And a couple of million veterans,
some large fraction of which are combat veterans.

How many UN troops would it take to overcome that force? Even if we’re talking about real
militaries – say, the Russians or Chinese – I wouldn’t want to be their commander, facing
millions of aroused, armed American patriots. True, we’re not organized now, outside of the
official military and police. But we would get organized pretty fast. (Anyone who wants a head
start on organizing should have a look here:https://uscpt.org/ )

And if the UN troops consist of Nigerians and Pakistans and Iraqis (what an irony that would be) … all the better. No disrespect to any Nigerian or Pakistani or Iraqi here, of course, but their militaries are,
like the militaries of Latin American countries, mainly only good at killing their own people protesting government corruption, not for going up against a real military.

Look what happened to the poor Argentines when they tried to take the Falklands forty years ago – only 300 miles from their shores, and they had the advantage of surprise. They’d had lots of practice killing their radical college kids, after raping the women, and dropping them into the sea from helicopters. And while that’s sort of practice for combat, it’s not quite like the real thing.

The British were able to retake the islands from 5000 miles away, without breaking a sweat, even though the French Exocets took a toll on their forces, and the Argentine air force proved to be a real one with brave pilots.)

Of course they would have the advantage of a Fifth Column of AntiFa, BLM, and similar types, who would no doubt come out onto the streets to welcome them. But – and I deplore this! – I suspect these people wouldn’t be around after a few days. Their corpses, yes, but we’re not our physical body.

So … every day I pray to the gods – last month I even sacrificed a goat – humbly requesting that Mr Biden’s handlers get him to ask the UN to send a division or two or three or four or five of ‘UN troops’ to sort out us reactionary old deplorables. It’ll be exciting for them – nothing like being under an A10 strafing run for having something to write home about! (If you live.)

I will even help them with some free advice on strategy.

They want to strike where the worst of us are, and where they will have access from the sea: Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina. (I’d add Arizona but they’ll have to come up through Mexico. If they just take off their uniforms once they arrive at the border and change into civvies, they’ll get through, no problem. The problems will come soon after.)

I’ll explain that these states are populated by ignorant old racist rednecks, who will run in fear once they see those Blue Helmets, or maybe they’ll even take a knee. All the Blue Helmat boys have to do is shoot a few of us, video some gang rapes of our women, post the videos and photos on YouTube … and we’ll pee our pants and surrender by the hundreds of thousands.

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, it’ll be a cakewalk: come on, UN, bring progressive values to us backward old hicks!

C’mon, Joe, get moving on this one! You’ll make history! (And Kamala can welcome them and entertain their handsome commanders!) What’s not to like?

We are not the patriotic nation we once were. We are not the country of the Boston tea party and the revolutionary war. Over the years they have gradually increased the number of rotten things we will accept but they have been successful. The “patriots” you speak of have been vilified by the media. It’s the American thing to do now to hate America and bemoan our systems. Conservatives and people who love the USA have been gradually herded to the underground where our opinions won’t get us into trouble with the SJW liberal takeover. Our military is actively recruiting pus—s and trans people now. The public school system is churning out rainbow-hair wimps who get offended and then have to go into hiding until they cool off. The big badass America you think exists does not exist.

You think a few people who love their guns living in the boonies holed up in their shacks in the wilderness will stop a coordinated and planned take over? Half of our country hates our country and actually would welcome troops marching through our streets to save us from capitalism and freedom. The few “crazy” people with guns actually willing to shoot an invader sanctioned by the president wouldn’t make a difference. The media would paint them as murderers not patriots.

As I mentioned before, we have been conditioned to just take it, deal with it, not question it, and live with it. When I walk outside I see people with purple hair dude. PURPLE HAIR. And it’s not even Halloween. If the majority of Americans even saw a gun in real life they’d wet themselves and cry. I fear anyone wanting to take over the USA would have an easy task compared to times past.

Back to the topic at hand; I would say a slight majority of Americans would actually yes, welcome troops whose purpose is to stop racism. Your guess is as good as mine as to how they would intend to accomplish this. It sounds ridiculous and nightmarishly stupid and it is.

It would be on par with inviting an army into the USA to stop covid. This is something a democrat would invite with open arms because it just sounds like the right thing to do, without thinking about how insanely stupid the notion is. I’ll bet you all the money in the world if you took a poll to see if Americans would support a foreign army entering with the purpose of stopping covid the majority would support it. Exactly the same as with racism. And I guarantee you Biden would take a break from eating ice cream to sign off on something like this.

Please, dear God … if you will make Mr Biden’s keepers tell him to invite UN troops into America … I’ll give up ice cream for a year … no … for five years … no … forever. I’ll even … even … give up sex! For a year. Two years … Okay, forever! Promise. Blue helmets. Lots of Nigerians and Pakistanis and Arabs. Acting like they do in their own countries. Please God. Please. Please. Please.

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you get it :smiley: