Unbelievable – Ted Cruz Campaign Sends Out Personal “Shaming Letters” To Iowa Voters…


Well, it is a shame that people still ain’t smellin’ what Trump is steppin’ in.
Gang, it isn’t about policies, this time around. It isn’t about Conservatism. It is about SENDING A MESSAGE to the GOP, that we ain’t their property. They tell us that we must give them the power to fight the Dems, and when they get that power, they use it to give Obozo everything he asks for, and then proceed to try to convince us that it is what is best for us. IOW, they feel it is easier to say they are sorry, than to get permission. They think we are a bunch of mindless zombies.
And their minions carry their books.
Well, folks, I hope this part is clear. Establishment Candidates are history, this election. Cruz, is shooting himself in both feet, trying to sway Trump voters. No one gets it.
I hear people all the time:
He isn’t conservative. * Neither is anyone else running.*
He says what he thinks voters want to hear. Same as the rest.
He insults candidates. And Cruz, ans his, insults voters.
He flip flops. Show me ONE who doesn’t.
His ego is huge. Bush Christie, Rubio, etc. toot their own horns, too.
He doesn’t know the Constitution. * Politicians who DO know the Constitution, don’t follow it, so…*

Get wise, people. We are trying to send a message to the Powers that Be.
We gave you what you wanted, and you screwed the pooch. Your time is short.


I would prefer to send that message with an actual Constitutional Conservative. I do hope you are right about Trump. If he does what he promises, it should improve things. However, I don’t believe myself to be wrong. Smearing a private property owners for asserting their rights, even against The Donald is pretty darned low in my book.

Time will tell.


Well, one thing I remember well because I am old enough: The stuff the Republican country club boys said about Reagan was horrible. He got it from both sides: The Left preached that he would start WWIII, and the Right thought he was a know-nothing rube.

I have a good sense of people, and I trust Trump. I trusted Reagan too, and I was right.


If I was a voter it would turn me off. I would be mad.

But Rubio and the Iowa GOP have done it as well and the media won’t criticize them.

Rand gets the last laugh:



[quote=“TerryOfromCA, post:4, topic:48173”]
You know darn good and well that what Trump said was an off the cuff joke.
A letter campaign on the other hand is a systematic, well-planned - and costly - undertaking.
Your comparison is waaaaaaaay out of line
[/quote]Was still a bit ironic if it ain’t taken too seriously.

[quote=“RET423, post:16, topic:48173”]

A junk mailer in an election year that attempts to shame a registered voter into making the effort to vote is “right up there” with standing outside of a polling place with a weapon intimidating voters into not voting if they look like someone who will not vote for your candidate?

These two actions are close on what scale?
How is a mailer “Intimidating”?

At most it would inspire guilt, should we do more to make people who take no responsibility as citizens feel good about that instead?
[/quote]If I were typically a non-voter, it wouldn’t bother me. it’s free speech and such, but I also believe apathy is a human right; and not voting isn’t always apathy. It’s often a statement just like voting.

[quote=“patriotlass, post:22, topic:48173”]
Meanwhile … camp Hillary has been virtually untouched by Trump’s insults and attacks as those attacks have been far and few between…his enemy is NOT the DEMS or RINO’s, his target is and has been the conservatives (his supporters I believe will soon find out). Washington is full of RINO’s and IF elected Trump will be more than happy to accommodate them to continue us in the direction that they set forth.
[/quote]Ultimately, I think he’s a Hillary shill.

I’m a big fan of “Please, don’t vote” campaigns for among a variety of folks. Too bad there aren’t any, but if there were I would be a big fan. But marketing, good or bad, makes sense and is reasonable and fair. Maybe this is the right kind. Maybe not. Maybe Cruz could have won bigger if his campaign didn’t do this.


Well, after last night’s results, Cruz’s trickery worked (for the time being), but I tell you this, and not just because I am a Trump fan**:**

Trump’s classy post-election speech told me a lot: It showed me how gracious and how much of a gentleman he can be, BUT: I personally believe that he is now focused on election realities like a laser the way Rocky focused on Apollo after getting seriously bloodied, and is out to destroy all rivals. He does not like to lose, and his calm polite demeanor I believe belied his steely resolve to make the necessary adjustments, cut out the tomfoolery, and treat this undertaking like the deal of his life. I am excited to see what happens in the next few election and what happens in between.

A Cruz Jump-start Going Forward
Vote Cruz in Iowa

Yes, it was classy and appropriate.


Trump’s speech was good. However, just be gracious enough to accept that Cruz beat Trump fair and square like just about every other Trump supporter that I have come across. In fact, the reaction of the other Trump supporters that I know requires me to retract any past statement I made about their buying into his Cult of Personality and being confrontational to opposition. More states to come.


The good news out of Iowa, IMHO.

Bush received only 3%. A pratfall in New Hampshire and this lightweight might be on his way out.
Cruz won - beat Trump. A good thing.
Rubio had a very good showing.
This should winnow down to a 3 candidate race pretty quickly - Cruz, Trump and Rubio. Watch for 3 or 4 of the also rans to follow Huckabee to the sidelines after New Hampshire or So. Carolina at the latest.

More good news out of Iowa:
An old socialist with a lackluster record of accomplishment in the Senate - Sanders, tied a lying, conniving political machine politician without a record of accomplishment - Clinton. The Democrats are presiding over a complete cleuster fleucken!!


Considering what we have seen of late with politicians who lose and when giving their concession speech end up endorsing the other parties candidate. That should tell you how sincere some of these politicians are who do this or convert back and forth. Trump was gracious.


Rightwing Nutjob (post #42)

I’m a big fan of “Please, don’t vote” campaigns for among a variety of folks. Too bad there aren’t any, but if there were I would be a big fan.

We should start our own club. Call it the “Please, Do Not Vote Club.” Membership should skyrocket over night if you consider the qualifications:

No membership fees or dues.
No studying required. Discouraged, even.
You don’t even have to prove how ignorant you are.
Only ONE requirement: Sign a pledge promising not to vote. (We’ll even donate the paper and ink!)

But marketing, good or bad, makes sense and is reasonable and fair. Maybe this is the right kind. Maybe not. Maybe Cruz could have won bigger if his campaign didn’t do this.

No tellin’, Nutjob. Personally, I’d have been insulted, and think it’s hardly the way to go about 'winning friends and influencing people.'
But like you say, I suppose “All’s fair in love and war,” (gotta get away from this quotey thing), and ya takes your chances.
I could live without all the slander out there, though. I’d love to be able to say that it only diminishes the one doing it, but things like ‘throwing grandma off the cliff’ work…sadly.

Back to Cruz for a sec. He might want to consider toning down the evangelizing. Standing up for Christians is one thing - great even! But he practically takes it to the point of preaching, and I can’t be the only one who that turns off.


Seeing some of those who should not vote like college students who can not tell you who the Vice president is or the three legs of government. Don’t they teach civics in school any more?


I could not agree with you more on this point.

Also, I think Cruz had best quickly denounce the tweet made by King - one of his national campaign co-chairmen - and denounce King and fire his ass. King, just prior to the caucuses tweeted Carson appeared to be dropping out and his backers may want to support Cruz. Of course, that was not true at all. If Cruz does not do this I will be reassessing my primary selection.


Was it King who did that? I’ve been trying to find out the truth to that matter. Whether or not it was even done or not. AND, EITHER WAY, just who the source of something so juvenile/underhanded/stupid…<-fill-in-the-blank->.

As you know, I’m still waffling between Cruz and Trump. But it isn’t because I’m spineless; there’s good reason for it. Watching some of Cruz’s very poor judgement calls of late is one of them.
Namely…Glenn Beck!!! Are you serious???!!! Even a good number of voters who self-proclaim to be on the far right rejected him quite some time ago as a whack-job.

I’m not trying to make fun of Cruz. These choices he’s making sincerely concern me.


Why? Seems like King gave his opinion, or an educated guess to me.
Carson is plummeting fast. Unfortunate, because I do like him also, but he lacks fire.


And Trump has Willie, and Sarah. Two people that many are turned off by. I don’t know why, I think if you put Willie’s beard on Sarah, that would be very attractive.


Who’s “Willie?”

FWIW, Palin doesn’t do a heck of lot for me, either.


Robertson. Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander.

His dad is supporting… Ted Cruz.


I think he is referring to the guy with the beard on Duck Dynasty. Some of Trump’s supporters do give me the Willies: Alec Baldwin, Jesse Ventura and Charlie Sheen.


Oh. Thanks. Not a huge surprise.

But you are right about both Cruz and Trump choosing spokesmen who can turn off each others crowds even more than the main candidate, himself, does.

Funny thing about me - most likely more than just myself - is they BOTH turn me off.

So…you’re right again. They really DO cancel each other out. lol