Unbelievable urban school safety statistics


Unbelievable urban school safety statistics
By Jay Mathews | December 15, 2010; 11:11 AM ET
Washington Post

… In a chart comparing the number of late summer and fall incidents in nine regular enrollment D.C. high schools, Dunbar had the most, 46. But way down at the bottom of the list, with only two incidents during that period this year and six incidents in summer and fall 2009, was Spingarn High School.

Readers familiar with Spingarn were scratching their heads when they saw those numbers.

… A Spingarn teacher, Anthony Priest, kept a regular diary of the threats, thefts and assaults that teachers and students were subjected to. Complaints from him and other teachers were what led to the dismissal of the school’s principal.

Could there be something wrong with the security incident reports that D.C. schools are putting out? Can we trust them to describe adequately the school climate at Spingarn, Dunbar, or other D.C. schools, or for that matter any U.S. school?

I’ll take the question a step further. Is there any “data” concerning PSs that isn’t manipulated? Even that which seems accurate due to appearing to be an “admission against interest”, might that also be minimized to conceal how awful things really are?