UNBELIEVABLE what is about to happen to YOU!!!!


Folks, talk about the loss our our sovereignty here it is. As we move forward in the age of ‘electrons’ he who controls them will be King. Unlike the age of agriculture, followed by the machine/manufacturing no one person or org had control. But the internet reaches into our homes, fones, and if you have the new smart appliances…even to your washer and dryer, your car. In the US we have been (at least for now) benign on controlling the internet. I don’t have to tell you that the rest of the world would not.

If Obama does this and he intends to he should be charged with treason. This gives the world a direct pipeline which they control into every American’s home and office. Obama has set out to destroy America and he is doing a great job, this has the real potential to bring our country to its knees and or to listen and read every word we say!

Two Months Left Until Obama Gives Dictators Control of Internet

[FONT=-apple-system-font]Two Months Left Until Obama Gives Dictators Control of InternetAFP

by Joel B. Pollak17 Aug 20161,142
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65098)]*SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERPresident Barack Obama is determined to give away control of the Internet within two months — one of the worst blunders in the history of national security, economic policy, and the fight for liberty generally.
In the wake of the embarrassing revelation that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on foreign leaders, the Obama administration announced plans in 2014 to shift control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) from the U.S. to a multilateral body.
Under the supervision of Obama crony and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker — a billionaire heiress and campaign bundler with no technological experience, and a history of failure in the subprime loans industry — the administration has ignored critics of the plan. They point out that transferring control of domain names to a body like the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) could leave autocratic nations like Russia, China, and even Iran in charge of the world’s most important free medium.
Breitbart News noted in 2014:
[INDENT]U.S. control of domain names has guaranteed freedom of speech and commerce across the Internet, against the strenuous efforts of countries like China and Iran to suppress Internet traffic and content. In addition, victims of international terror have found potential relief in U.S. courts by suing to seize the domain names of countries like Iran in lieu of direct compensation. Without U.S. control, those victims would have no possible recourse.
The Republican-controlled House passed legislation in 2014 to defund the ICANN transfer, and in 2015 to provide Congress with a 30-day period to review it when it happens. Earlier this year, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) introduced the Protecting Internet Freedom Act to prevent the transfer without Congressional approval.
But while the bills have been debated, the administration has moved ahead, the *Washington Examiner *reports, with transfer scheduled Oct. 1.
Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. His new book, See No Evil: 19 Hard Truths the Left Can’t Handle, is available from Regnery through Amazon. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.






Those of us paying attention, know this. The Internet is gone. It’s now a political tool - it’s just not yet being utilized by the powers that be.

That will happen quickly after the election. We’ve known that.

It’s just one more aspect of the crushing, smothering Deep State.

I have my plans; not good plans but plans. I’ll cut the cord. I have no Smartphone; I have no television or cable. Soon I’ll have no Internet.

I’ll have books and I’ve got my guns. I have my real money. And based on my health and genetics, I’ve probably got about ten years left.

I can manage. Not good, but I can manage.


People do not pay attention until it actually affects them. Then it will be too late. Where in the _ _ _ _ is our media!


It’s the cycle.

From emancipation comes education and learning; from that, comes freedom; from freedom, comes prosperity.

From prosperity comes complacency.

From complacency comes degeneracy.

From degeneracy comes destructive movements.

From those, come collapse and despotism.

Guess where we are.


The really sad thing is that I don’t think it can be undone by the next president, not just by “international law” but technologically.

If I am wrong I hope one of our tech savvy members will clarify.

PS If Hillary loses in November that vindictive enemy of America in the WH is going to engage in a scorched earth campaign of things that cannot be undone by the next president.


This is control of the ip/domain name structure and allocation, nothing will be different in regards to security as that is a matter that is the 100 percent responsibilty of each end user now.

The ability to block domains for censorship reasons is a valid concern
The ability to refuse to allocate domains for censorship reasons is a valid concern

But our government and our personal information will be no more or less secure than they are now, and our government is not securing our personal data or our National Security concerns at all right now; cyber security jobs are awarded in government with the same criteria that all other government jobs are filled and that criteria list does not include competence.



Censorship of what, by whom?


This is a Conservative forum, it can be reached by all the computers in the world because it has a unique “Internet Protocol Address or ip address” that operates just like a phone number is tied to one specific phone; all the phones in the world who dial that number will make that phone ring and every computer that seeks the RepublicanOperative ip address will land on this site.

If one digit is off the wrong phone rings, if the number gets reassigned to another phone the wrong phone rings; the same is true with an ip address, changing one digit or pointing that ip address to another destination will render the original site unreachable.

Whoever controls the assignment and allocation of domain names can tweak those numbers or point them to different locations, this happens all the time as websites change servers or established domains get sold to new operators who consolodate their domains to point to a single location.

If the entity that controls this assignment decided to redirect for reasons other than the wishes of the website owner (like stopping a political view from being openly discussed on this site) they could simply point the RepublicanOperative.com domain to another site with views that they prefer; or a blank page for that matter.

The abilty to set up proxies would render these censorship attempts limited in their effectiveness, tech savy people can always get their content back up; but it creates additional hurdles for those who are seeking that content because it does not always appear at the same “link”.


The bulk of Obama’s supporters were “low information voters.” In real language that means they are so uninformed that they have no idea what he’s doing to them that might impact their lives. African-Americans voted for him in droves because Obama is Black. Obama has taken advanrage of them. They are too stupid and uninformed to know any better, and they would never listen to us in any case.

People are complaining that Congress has done nothing about this Internet problem, but what could the Republicans in Congress done about it? The Excutive Branch holds all the cards. We live in a de facto dictatorship. Even if Congress had tried to act, Harry Reid would have tied up the Senate with the 60 vote cloture rule so that it could not have even been taken a vote. You can blame the “mushy Republicans,” but the worst culprits are all of the members of the entire Democrat Party delegation in the House and Senate. They have virtually perfect party discipline. The only time they don’t vote for what Harry Reid and Nancy Polsi want is when those two given them permission to vote that way. That permission is granted when the measure is going to be voted down any way. That was what happened with the Iran nuclear deal.

Obama has turned into a dictator since he found that he could rule by executive order. Since then he has been totally out of the control. He now has an approval rating of over 50% which is amazing to me. In another sense, it’s predictable because the American people have become profoundly stupid on both sides. The Dems gave us Hillary and the Republicans gave us Trump. I guess compared to those two, people think Obama looks better, but I’m more than willing to throw the dice on Trump. That’s all we have left.


OK, fine, but I am still puzzled about your censorship comments.


Puzzled by what exactly?
Points of view or news stories can be scrubbed by controlling what sites can be accessed and which sites cannot be accessed, this is censorship.


By owning it the owner can control it, meaning content, we see this now across the world, countries controlling the narrative! In fact its going on here in the US, Apple, Facebook do it in there domains.

We have a benign hands off here in the US, move our control to outside the us and see what happens!

Rather than argue the issue, let me ask all a question. Based upon the past 8 years of Obama and our corrupt govt and Obama deep LOVE for the US, WHY do you think he is personally involved and has made the decision to give our control away???

His record does not just speak, it SCREAMS. Obama is FUNDING global terrorism thru his massive $33.6 Billion payments to Iran, he funding the building of a Nuclear bomb by Iran, there is no length he has not gone to to bring Muslims into the US and he supports Sharia law. He KNOWS the ramifications of giving control of the Internet to bad actors outside the US.