Under an obama second term


Under Obama - You will witness 2 or 3 far left Supreme Court Justices appointed. You will witness countless far left federal judges appointed. These appointments will solidify the direction this country takes for decades - perhaps forever (or as long as we last). And, last but not least, you will witness countless democrats added to the voting rolls as a result of “comprehensive immigration reform”.

After a second term for Obama it will be impossible to elect another conservative. The numbers among the electorate won’t be there - too many newly minted democrats and too many people getting too much free stuff.

Bottom line - it will be of no consequence who the Repubs nominate in 2016. You Repubs waiting for the perfect or near-perfect Repub candidate and witholding your vote from Romney - well, I respect your right to make that decision and I hope that right is NEVER taken away from any of us. However, I have ZERO respect for the decision itself.


No worries Mike…the economy will collapse us into anarchy before any of that stuff happens!


As Cam says, this isn’t about fiscal reorganization versus the status quo; it’s merely a choice over doing it on our own or having the markets do it for us. Obama may win, but he won’t govern. After the tactics employed in this election, the obstructionism of the House of Representatives since 2010 will seem like a collegial exchange of ideas by comparison to that which will occur going forward.