Understanding Donald Trump

I suspect Trump didn’t have any sort of plan in mind. Just a ‘suck it and see’ attitude.
Dumb, dumb, dumb.

What a tragedy! The Republic is going down … where is our Churchill, our Washington, our Lincoln?
Have we lost the Mandate of Heaven? Is that rule about 10 generations of glory and then your empire disintegrates, being played out before our eyes?

Duh this is how an empire falls. Here is some promising music as our empire falls.

Our domain, this kingdom come
Now godless lands whose ways are lost.
Without the strength to carry on.
All values lost all virtue none
Did you think you would be saved
By burning flags to cleanse yourselves of shame?
Or are you afraid as you stare back at your face?
Are you ashamed, are you afraid
By destroying what the gods had made?
Did you think you would be saved?
I believe that we’ll conceive
To make in hell for us a heaven
A brave new world
A promised land
A fortitude of hearts and minds
Until I see this kingdom is mine
I’ll turn the darkness into light
I’ll guide the blind
My will be done until the day
I see this kingdom has been won
No more the servants of the weak
Devoid of thought or light to seek
I’ll leave no walls, no stone unturned
Every tower to be razed to the dust from which it came
None will be spared, no remnant saved
Are you ashamed, are you afraid
Of the gods and idols you have made?
Did you think you would be saved
By the gods and idols you have made?
None will be saved
None will be saved

@Unitedwestand, you really irritate me. You are angry because the world did not make you rich, and you expect the government and everybody else to keep you.

Then you almost seem to savor watching the country go down the tubes. Guess what? If that happens, you will be worse off, not better off. If the government fails, the programs that you want will go POOF! The environmental extremists will find out their programs are gone too.

The left has no idea what will happen if they get what they want.

Your side always gets what it wants and it keeps getting worse we didn’t cause an empire to fall, we were against every war until the last one Ukraine the one that caused our empire to tilt into the abyss. Iraq was a war of choice, Vietnam was a war of Choice. Korea and WW2 were Just Causes. We never got what we want. No I will be better off in anarchy you don’t understand its not about quality of life for me. It’s about being right. I chose the left because they’re ideas were right. The left still increases the profits of a few (Bezos) (Musk) (Epstine) (Trump) its really gross you think I wanna be in the 1%. I had my chances with a girl who had two brand new BMW’s and a trust fun daddy I walked away from that too high maintenance. Can you just accept some people just wanna watch things burn and take delight at when their opponents shoot themselves in their feet.

Funny, I don’t see a Chilean-style replacement for Social Security or an embrace of HSA plans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Or NASA building a rocket that doesn’t suck.

All of those things have been put forward in Congress.

Libya? Kosovo? Obama Doctrine is basically the reason we’re in Syria.


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It’s true, as United said, that The Nation magazine tendency in American liberalism, and everyone to the Left of that, has opposed all of America’s wars since the end of WWII. (And the Communist Party USA opposed any preparation for World War II until their country was attacked in 1941. June 22nd 1941, not December 7th.)

But mainstream Democrats have pretty much been bi-partisan on the need for the US to be the world’s policeman. In fact, Democrats led us into WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam … OK, we should have been in WWII, and maybe Korea … but the Democrats are not ‘give peace a chance’ soppy peaceniks.

Here’s Hilary Clinton defending her support for ‘regime change’ there – and also implicating Saint Bernie Sanders who joined her in that vote:

So if you want people who think it’s time for the US to defend itself, with, of course, alliances that benefit us – you’ll have to look to the Republican Party. Not any Republican, by any means! But there is a current within the Party – sadly, much stronger in the base than in the top – which is tired of sending trillions – literally, trillions – of dollars overseas, and sometimes their children – to nations that have contempt or even hatred for us.

There are a couple of hundred million people in Europe, two European nations have nuclear weapons, one other European nation has shown twice in the 20th Century that it’s damned good at waging war … they’re as rich as we are, some of them more so … please explain why we have to be there. Shouldn’t we be asking for French and British and German and Spanish troops to come here, and defend our southern border?

We spend a hundred million dollars a year on something in the military called ‘Africa Command’. I’m sure it’s a nice patch to wear on your uniform … but if anyone ever invented Mission Impossible, it’s the person who thought that one up. How about South Chicago Command first?

Two American presidents had the opportunity to deal with them effectively: Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower. Especially Truman, since he was in it from the beginning.

Or, almost literally, Mao.

Bullcrap. Society becoming more and more dependent upon the government. No genuine conservative wants that.

Long time ago and maybe you can pick nits with it, but in my opinion, the Saturn V didn’t suck.

Yo my side is literally saying get rid of the police how less dependent on government can you get?

Yes, I heard today that there is town in California, some part of Hollywood, (where else?) which now has unarmed “civic ambassadors” to prevent crime. I guess if they see someone beating someone else to death, they can ask politely if they would stop doing that. If they succeed in killing the person, I guess that was met to be and the murderer can have a nice day.

If I were into the burglary profession, I would want to move to that town. I could steal all I wanted, and never be bothered except by my local “ambassador” who could suggest that I shouldn’t do that. Ditto for carjacking and smash and grab crimes. Since it’s Hollywood, that should be a lot of stuff to steal, which would make it ideal.

Yep not dependent on government protection so

The sane people in America should consider this idea:

In your states, you have criminals, drug addicts on welfare, etc. Now … why doesn’t someone do some research on how lovely California is? Its wonderful climate, its generous welfare, its touching concern for ‘homeless’, its softly-softly approach to crime. Its anti-racist measures in the schools to water down or remove those awful algebra tests which are embodiments of whiteness.

Do a video on why, if you are a victim of white supremacy, or a casualty of mean old capitalism, you would be so much happier in sunny, welcoming California. Print up leaflets with the same message. Give out ‘tickets’ that can be redeemed for a real ticket to the Promised Land, where they will give you a tent and sleeping bag, free needles, and a place on the sidewalk or in the public parks in a California city.

A place where shoplifters are not molested. Burglars and muggers and rapists will be happy to hear that California is a place where angry ‘straight’ residents with guns had better think twice betore using them, assuing they can get them at all.{“The gun laws of California are some of the most restrictive in the United States.” [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_California ] )

And then form a fund, to encourge the criminals (upon release), the drug addicts, etc to emigrate there. Early parole for criminals who agree to leave for the liberal paradise.

It costs about $600 to fly from North Carolina to California, and if you shop around you can get a ticket for about half that. Or you could charter a private jet, probably for cheaper. The winos and drug addicts and muggers and burglars cost the North Carolina taxpayer a hundred times that .

Progressives should support this idea – not only would they be rescuing poor downtrodden victims of heartless conservative states, they would be increasing the number of Congressmen California i allocated! Whole new Congressional Districts made up mainly of drug addicts and criminals could be created (where they don’t exist already).

So the solution is obvious. (California patriots: – sorry 'bout that. You must sacrifice for the common good! Better yet, why not move to a ‘Redoubt State’? Make room for the new arrivals. In fact, the ‘Emigration Fund’ could work both ways – fly California’s new citizens out, and bring back the refugees.)

I have been to California once and have no desire to return. If the state left the Union, I would not miss it except its wine and almonds. I am sure we could import those. The upside would be Harris, Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Eric Swallwell and Adam Schiff would all be gone. We would lose Kevin McCarthy, but some people are afraid that he’s another Paul Ryan anyway.

For those who missed it, Ryan was the ultra RINO Speaker of the House who frittered away the opportunity to do something constructive when Trump had a majority in Congress. He is gone and easily forgotten as a bad dream.

Oh … oh… oh.

It’s a beautiful state. I lived there for several years in the 60s and 70s – in Bezerkely and in San Francisco … even in Los Angeles (not so nice). Beautiful national parks and national forests … some of the best universities in the world…bookshops …

Everyone should drive all the way up Highway One, along the Pacific Ocean … from San Diego to Olympic National Park in Washington State. Or take the train from Seattle to Los Angeles or vice versa. Lots of good patriots in the eastern part of the state too.

Soon it will be de facto Northern Mexico and ruled by the cartels. This has already begun.[ https://eu.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/nation/2021/12/19/mexican-drug-cartels-move-in-on-californias-shadow-marijuana-industry/8960873002/ ] (Those poor naive aging hippies growing pot on their little plots of land in California aren’t going to know what’s hit them.)

But … no one knows the future. When America collapses and disintegrates, it might become contested territory. We might take it back.

You loved Berkley you get it. Uppercrust highly educated, white liberals. I think your main issue is that minorities are ruining liberal cities and you think white guilt is to blame when its really apathy.

We’ve always had minorities in liberal cities and in conservative ones too.

America has been undergoing a deep change, starting in the early 60’s. I don’t really understand it, but I think a central part of the explanation is the fact that for almost every living American, all they have known is being citizens of the world’s most militarily powerful (by far, in comparison with all others) , prosperous country … not threatened on our borders … dominating the international institutions… with growing comfort and prosperity for anyone who can get a college education (and for many others as well, at first).

So we’ve grown a generation of self-centered weaklings, whose personal self-gratification is their most important goal. They can’t stand the idea of hearing any idea that might make them feel ‘unsafe’. They have contempt for their own working class, and for their country’s history.

This situation affects different social groups in different ways.

For Blacks it was the disintegration of the Black family, plus the loss of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs. See the Black leftist sociologist William Julius Wilson’s book, When Work Disappears. I agree with his analysis … combine that with our drug laws, which make selling dope an easy and well-paying job … but one that you can only do if you’re a member of an armed gang … and you can see the problem. (Yes, our free market folks will say they can always get a job flipping burgers for one-tenth the pay. Ha ha.)

For white middle class kids it was different. Middle class liberal whites don’t understand why, further down the social/economic scale, the whites ‘cling to their religion’, and are so dogmatic about morality.

What they don’t understand is that the same sort of behavior that middle class college kids go through – experimenting with drugs, easy sex – can be devastating to young people in small towns … teen age pregnancy, meths instead of marijuana.

Similar to the Blacks, in fact, as we are begining to see in places like Appalachia. [See Charles Murray’s Coming Apart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coming_Apart_(book) ].

I’ll quote a bit from the Wiki summary of that book: Charles Murray describes what he sees as the economic divide and moral bifurcation of white Americans that has occurred since 1960. Murray describes diverging trends between poor and upper middle class white Americans in the half century after the death of John F. Kennedy. He focuses on white Americans to argue that economic decline in that period was not experienced solely by minorities, whom he brings into his argument in the last few chapters of the book. He argues that class strain has cleaved white Americans into two distinct, highly segregated strata: "an upper class, defined by educational attainment, and a new lower class, characterized by the lack of it. Murray also posits that the new [white] ‘lower class’ is less industrious, less likely to marry and raise children in a two-parent household, and more politically and socially disengaged.

Get it here: https://www.amazon.com/Coming-Apart-State-America-1960-2010/dp/030745343X
You can get a copy at Amazon for $1.31!

But today’s liberals, pushed to the left by more conscious, radical ‘progressives’, and completely consumed by white guilt, are letting the citeis they control spiral downwards into Third World hellholes. The oppose effective policing, they oppose effective educational policies. So the Black kids in the cities they control have no hope.

Only temporary. Until a warlord or powerful gang moves in.

About 400 years ago, a guy named Thomas Hobbes said it all. In the original ‘state of nature’ where there were no police, no government, life was … unpleasant

“In such condition, there is no place for industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no culture of the earth; no navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by sea; no commodious building; no instruments of moving, and removing, such things as require much force; no knowledge of the face of the earth; no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

He was no libertarian, but his insight is part of the conservative disposition.

We have to have a state, and – here is where we part company with Mr Hobbes – we have to put limits on that state. Or as James Madison in the Federalist Papers #51 put it,

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. "
[https://mises.org/library/if-men-were-angels ]

Got to have those police!

As Hillare Belloc said, in his advice to small children,

"Always keep a-hold of Nurse
For fear of finding something worse "

So police are a warlord like gang organization?
At least the new warlord gang wouldn’t be state sponsored.
I guess I want a regime change. I no long consent to this government.

That is so exactly NOT what I said.

Okay they are a powerful gang who has been enabled by elected warlords whose battle chests cointain millions in donations from powerful companies to write laws to make citizens work the hardest for them ok got it.