Understanding Taking a Knee because the Earth is FLAT


When asked there is a plethora of answers, few specifics and mostly wishy washy replies like “social injustice”. Fact is they DON’T KNOW WHY! One said it was Police Brutality, yet the facts don’t bear it out, another said Police kill more Blacks, yet the facts don’t bear it out.

Then the root of the problem is a failure to comprehend the FACTS…in other words they believe the earth is FLAT!

Rapper B.o.B Just Started A GoFundMe To Prove The Earth Is Flat

The Earth is not flat. We all agree on that right? Apparently, rapper B.o.B isn’t on the same page as the rest of us as he just set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to prove the Earth is flat.

This is not a joke, at least, it doesn’t appear to be one. Rapper B.o.B, whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., plans to raise money to launch satellites so he can finally prove the Earth is flat to all of us. I’m not sure why the thousands of other satellites and images from those satellites aren’t good enough. But sometimes, you’ve just got to do it yourself.

A large proportion of flat-Earthers believe the Earth is a disk with sort of dome over it containing our atmosphere. Above that, the Sun, stars, and moon all do a dance above the disc-shaped Earth.

The flat Earth belief has grown in popularity recently as a result of high-profile celebrities and athletes supporting the belief the Earth is flat. This includes Kyrie Irving, Sammy Watkins, and Tila Tequila who have all expressed belief in a flat Earth.

The GoFundMe campaign plans to launch multiple satellites into space, which will allow the rapper to observe and disprove the widely held belief that the Earth is not flat. He’s looking for just $1 million, a small price tag to completely upend one of the most basic understandings of our solar system.



What are the satellites he proposes to launch going to orbit around?


My guess is the flat side of the earth or maybe just his backside…


One of my co-workers believes the Earth is flat. He un-ashamedly admits it and tries to explain to the rest of us.


How stupid do you have to be to buy into that and it seems the flat Earth belief has grown in popularity recently as a result of high-profile celebrities and athletes supporting the belief the Earth is flat.

Amazing how far America has sunk over the past 25 years. WTH are schools teaching? Nothing?


Americans have never had a very good grasp of science. But things people had the common sense to not voice in public, often find voice online. So bad ideas spread much more easily.


Good grief. America’s technology didn’t grow without an outstanding grasp of science. It may be going downhill in the last few decades, but “never?”


Sure, a very small subset of the population, in places like Silicon valley or White Sands (historically), where half the residents are foreigners.

We didn’t hire on Wernher von Braun to build the Saturn V because we liked the cut of his jib.


Yes, never. There was never a time when the median American had any decent grasp of science. The average person contributes nothing to science. As a matter of fact, the top 2% of people contribute absolutely nothing to science. It’s one in thousands who do anything of merit. And to what extent laypeople understand science is irrelevant. I have an above knowledge grasp of many scientific fields. I have and will contribute exactly nothing to any scientific field.


Sorry; there goes my hogwash meter.


Would you say you have at least a median or above grasp of one or more scientific fields?
What specific contributions have you made to which scientific field?


CW, I am struggling to grasp what you are saying, mostly because I have no real idea what your version of “scientific field” is??? I would say almost everything has a scientific approach to its development and fielding etc.

Or is it only the study of some frog somewhere???

The world we live in is based upon science, your computer, you are using, the coffee cup I am drinking from, the Coffee press that sits on my desk I pour my coffee into the mug, the printer I print to, the page of paper I print, not a thing there is devoid of science…


Understanding a spherical Earth in a three dimensional universe is mostly an understanding of mathematics, physics, and astronomy.

So if a typical American is contributing to the field of math, physics, or astronomy I would be interested in hearing exactly how they are doing so.


OK, lets make sure I get it…you view of Scientific is math, physics, or astronomy and you got me there I have not made a significant contribution to any of those fields…but I have impacted your life, believe it or not.


There is no such thing as social “science”, by the way…and this from someone with a BA in Sociology. There’s nothing “scientific” about sociology. It’s a way to conduct interpersonal relationships and the study of various ways this is done.


Considering you can launch your own satelitte into space for a few thousand… me thinks this rapper is just ouf for a good old-fashioned money grab scam.


I remember my first semester in college when a student was arguing with a professor in a psychology class (required for all students) about free will. The prof insisted that free will couldn’t exist, because then psychology wouldn’t be an “exact science.” Well, prof, guess what? It ain’t!