Undocumented ‘Dreamer’: ‘Trump Is a Threat to the Way of Life in Our Communities’


Another ‘entitled’ class of people!

by Pam Key Sep1, 2016

This week on MSNBC, the director at the United We Dream Network and herself an undocumented “dreamer” Greisa Martinez said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was “a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

Martinez said, “For people like myself that are undocumented and have undocumented family members, it’s been clear from day one that he wants to enact mass deportation. He wants to deport me and my mother.

Undocumented ‘Dreamer’: ‘Trump Is a Threat to the Way of Life in Our Communities’ - Breitbart


If I were Trump & I got elected she would be FIRST on my list to pick up & deport. Basically I feel that if your here illegally & get on TV & announce it you have just proven the point that your not smart enough to immigrate here. We churn out enough “not smart” people on our own so why import them?


What is it about ILLEGAL you don’t understand?

But wait, lets take another look. You want to invade my sovereign country and do as you please and get away with it…OK, sounds great, so when some guy breaks into your home and rapes you then by your thinking I guess that is OK???

Anyhow now that you are here and CLEARLY dining at the trough of the taxpayers largesse I wonder how long before you need medical support for that swollen face, maybe you got bit by a rattlesnake or did you just stab your face with a fork? Either way you are gonna need some medical support and I guess you expect me to pay for that too…