Unemployment down? I would not count on it


The latest Obama math tells us we made a remarkable recovery and unemployment is down. Well , I am not buying it. I believe this is the usual voodoo math Obama has employed before to put a spin on things.

The jobless rate fell by four-tenths of a point in January to 9.0%, the best downward revision in the post-recession environment, but it didn’t actually mean that the economy added more jobs. The number of jobs added overall was only 36,000, which indicates that people are still fleeing the job market:

Unemployment rate goes to 9.0%, only 36K jobs added; Update: 504K disappears from labor force « Hot Air

Obama has a history of playing with facts such as the numbers that were provided by the CBO when it was assured that Obamacare would lower costs.

There are other instances where he has not only tweaked the facts but made up things from whole cloth.


Maybe it’s a bit cynical, but I believe absolutely NOTHING that Obamessiah and his flunkies say.


IF they told me the sky was blue, I would be highly suspicious.
They wouldn’t say that though, since they are incapable of truth.


But it plays good with the stock market. It’s that old sleight of hand, Voo doo economics, smokescreen.’
Gee we can all practice up on reusing old euphemisms


[quote=“njc17, post:3, topic:29070”]
But it plays good with the stock market. It’s that old sleight of hand, Voo doo economics, smokescreen.’
Gee we can all practice up on reusing old euphemisms
[/quote]Hey I like old euphemisms:howler:


Playing with facts? I call it outright lying.


U.S. changes how it measures long-term unemployment

Updated 12/28/2010 3:05 PM

By Rick Hampson, USA TODAY

So many Americans have been jobless for so long that the government is changing how it records long-term unemployment.
Citing what it calls “an unprecedented rise” in long-term unemployment, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), beginning Saturday, will raise from two years to five years the upper limit on how long someone can be listed as having been jobless.

U.S. changes how it measures long-term unemployment - USATODAY.com

So does this mean they want to extend unemployment benefits to five years ???



At what point I wonder would people on unemployment just be called Federal employees? They are probably just as productive as at least half of the redundant employees in DC.


Only half? :eusa_think:


unmitigated falsehood.


Speaking of the stock market and sleight of hand, how is it that companies get away with inflating their stock’s worth?
We’ve a local bank whose shares were listed on the stock exchange @ $5/ea.
It was in deep doodoo, and I forget the company that just bought them out, at… .60 a share. Yep, 60 CENTS.
Of course the people balked, and when they did, this marvelouss state senator has the gall to tell us how well the taxpayers made out, really, 'cuz it didn’t cost us half as much as that other bank over there did.
(Yes, I’m going to make a point of looking up just who that was.)


One of the things banks are or will be looking at is the devaluation of the dollar. With Obama authorizing the printing of more paper than the value that the dollar can stand, the value of the dollar itself will and is going down, and prices will and are going up therefore banke and stock houses have to look at the value of the stock dollar and inflate it also.
People do not realize the total damage this idiot has done to this country and a damage that will take decades to recover from if we ever do recover.
Obama SAID he was going to change the nation and he has. You young people cannot imaging the travesty ahead of you.


Stocks are worth whatever someone is willing to pay at any given time.
I remember when CIT was on the verge of bankruptcy and the Government decided not to give them assistance. Their stock fell from 38 dollars a share to 55 cents.

I bought a bunch of it at 55 cents because I believed they would survive even without TARP help.

They did, I sold at 4 dollars a share (nice profit), it is worth 47.73 per share right now as I type this. Not bad for one years time, I wish I had held on much longer but I use a discipline method of trading to assure I stay in the profit zone.

Someone asked Buffet once how he did so well in the market, he replied “By selling too soon”.

Sometimes I cringe when I am WAY too soon but overall I do quite well so I can live with it.


The stock market is nothing BUT sleight of hand.


For a minute there I thought you were talking about Citigroup Inc. $4.83






Stocks are worth whatever someone is willing to pay at any given time

Then how come the value of so many stocks is reported as “inflated”?
Really, I’m trying to understand this. In my mind, it is to make the company appear to be far more valuable than it actually is. Then, people come along and invest in it, and end up losing their shirts when the company tanks.
I thought that was supposed to be illegal. (Inflating the value, I mean.)


You have absolutely no internal trigger to stop you from offering up commentary on things you know nothing about do you?

Every single publicly traded company publishes regular reports on the financial status of the company.

Every publicly traded company offers regular projections of their future performance.

Every publicly traded can be bought or sold by anyone who wants to invest in their shares.

The value of any stock at any given time is the collective opinion of the millions of people who buy and sell stock. These opinions are formed by people who decide for themselves what criteria to use in deciding whether the stock price is a good value or not.

Every person can research how well publicly traded companies do in predicting their future performance and add that to their analysis.

When a company is thought to be trouble, investors dump their stock and prices fall.

When companies are thought to have a very bright immediate future, prices rise.

If companies are thought to be very stable and have good long term viability and profits, prices rise gradually.

What opinion any investor comes to about any given stock is entirely his or her own affair. The more you understand markets and the way the various political authorities at any given time will effect the various markets will determine how well you pick stocks.

I hate Liberals because they destroy economies with their policies but not every market is harmed by their policies. When Liberals get elected, I invest accordingly.

That is called “putting your money where your mouth is”. Since my regular business depends on a strong economy I usually must survive by trading stocks when Liberals are in power until wiser politicians are elected again.

All publicly traded companies must publish their finance reports regularly so investors can make informed decisions.

There is no “slight of hand”, I am a truck driver and I have no problem analyzing the market.

Just because you have no idea how to do this research and or how decisions are made or economies and markets are effected when your buffoons win elections does not make it nefarious.


These are just “opinions” of talking heads, they are worth what you pay for them.

There are a certain number of people who let these “experts” sway their opinion and act accordingly. I make most of my profit by assuming a lot of investors will trust these idiots.

The stock will ALWAYS follow market forces eventually, but emotional decisions by investors will cause spikes and valleys in the short run.

When some buffoon reports that a stock is “overinflated” but the data shows different, wait a couple days for the sheep to dump their stock and buy it cheap. In a short while those same “experts” will revise their “analysis” because the hard numbers start showing different things, then all the sheep will race to buy it and you can wait a couple days and sell in the peak.

Just about everyone in the financial sector (analyst’s and investment bankers alike) learned what they know of markets from the same University curriculum.

In other words, they have no idea how markets work.

Anyone who owns a business and pays attention to trends can see the the fallacy in their reasoning pretty easy with some practice. When you see them really stepping in the proverbial dog doo then go home, log into your online trading account and adjust accordingly.

I handle my parents IRA and they made money in the big 2008 crash that devastated most peoples IRA’s using this simple method of observation.

If you have noticed over the years how I bet Liberals that certain legislation will have certain overall results, this is why. I am quite dogmatic on these issues because the calculator does not lie.

Economics is not “theory” regardless of how many “educated elite” claim otherwise. Markets follow rules, they always have and they always will.


Boy, if you didn’t say a mouthful. Not only do they have no idea of what’s out ahead of them, they have no clue how to deal with it. As most have never had to go without in their entire lives, I doubt they know the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’.
I only feel for the ones who grew up knowing they weren’t entitled to everything they have.


No, they actually took TARP money!