‘Unexpected’ $63 Fee ‘Found’ In Obama-Care


Your medical plan is facing an unexpectedexpense, so you probably are, too. It’s a new, $63-per-head fee to cushion thecost of covering people with pre-existing conditions under President Obama’shealth care overhaul.

The charge, buried in a recent regulation,works out to tens of millions of dollars for the largest companies, employerssay. Most of that is likely to be passed on to workers.

None of this was “unexpected” or"buried." We have been talking about it for years. Like so many otherparts of Obama-Care it was ignored by the mainstream media until after the 2010midterms, and then the Supreme Court’s ruling, and then until after theNovember elections.

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Remember folks we had to pass it so we could read it. Guess who is going to pay this?


And they still have another 3199 pages to go, who KNOWS what we will find in there…