Uniparty's dirty little secret

The bill to raise the debt ceiling, not the short tern kick-the-can-down-the-road version but the actual Democrat bill, HR5415.

Read it here.

It’s only two pages.

The dollar amount contained in section 3101(b) of
9 title 31, United States Code, shall be treated as being
equal to such greater dollar amount as the Secretary of
the Treasury may periodically determine. The preceding
sentence shall not apply to the extent provided in any sub-
sequently enacted provision of law.

So it’s not raising the debt limit, it’s eliminating it in it’s entirety.

The Democrats don’t want to talk about it, the MSM won’t talk about it and the GOP isn’t talking about it.

Motivations are obvious except for the GOP. My guess is that they don’t want to look like absolute fools when they fold their tent and go home for the Holidays.

They SHOULD be screaming:


Even low information voters can understand this.

Argentina, here we come!

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What has a college education taught these fools in Washington? Nothing apparently. Have these people learned nothing from the history of other countries that have endlessly added to their national debt and money supply? They seem to think that money is the same thing as goods and services. It isn’t.

Perhaps they majored in women’s studies or the subjugation in indigenous peoples or victimology which actually now a college major. It’s obvious that logic and common sense were not part of their curriculum. All they see are opportunities to grab power and use the power of the government to reward their allies and destroy those who disagree with them.

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IF the Republicans REALLY plan on holding the line (which I doubt) they should start by ALL OF THEM when publicly referring to the bill to call it the:


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