Unique to say the least


Take a minute and scroll through the pic’s. Some of these are pretty cute. Not that I’m sure I’d ever use any of them except in a dire emergency! I’m feeling a bit flushed by this first one!


If you’re a daredevil, you’ll love this toilet hanging 15 stories up in the air.

These unique toilets will make you want to stay and sit 1 day ago
The loo, lavatory, throne, privy, john, can, facilities, commode, crapper, pot. All names for that magical machine in our bathrooms that never says, “No, I’m full, please stop.” We don’t know what life would be like without it, and to salute the magnificent porcelain throne that is always there for us, we bring you these photos of unique toilets (and urinals) from around the globe. Now, sit back and check out this gallery while you’re on your phone, taking a well-deserved “break.”

Toilets of the world