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[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]My guess everyone has seen the video of the man being dragged off the United Airlines flight. Here is my experience and insight on UA:[/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]circa 1990’s: I was brought in by a large high end IT consulting firm to head up a major Software Development project for UA. This was a large effort changing the way UA did business and interfaced with its customers. I found UA to be one of the worst clients I had in my years as a IT consultant. Their attitude toward us and their clients (passengers) was one of disdain, aloof and just plain rude. The face they put on in their TV commercials is one, the reality is they saw the public as nothing but people to be dealt with as harsh as possible.[/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]On one occasion I had to fly from DFW to Chicago for a meeting. My UA flight was overbooked (surprised?) and I got bumped over to American Airlines. No big deal or so I thought. A week later I turned in my expense acct and a few days later got a call to come to Chicago. I arrived at HQ and got called in by a Senior Manager who launched in to me on my flying on AA rather than UA. He was so livid he was shaking and told me if I ever flew another airline my expenses would be denied! Finally he paused to breathe from his loud tirade and told him I was booked on UA and that I was bumped to AA by UA, not me. Thru his bulging eyes and flaming red face he just looked at me and said: ‘well don’t let it happen again’…as if I had some control![/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]I worked long and hard to bring that project in on time for the Launch day. When I called Chicago at 0430 am and told them I had brought it on line, they could flip the switch for public access. Had it not worked we would have suffered a fine of $250,000 per day for every day past launch we were not live. Not once in that 6 mo project did I ever hear a ‘thanks’, ‘good job’, ‘are we supporting you’, nothing, it was a total adversarial environment the entire time.[/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]There are a lot of stories I could tell about the thugs from Chicago, but I hope this gives you just an insight into the arrogance and attitude I found at UA. [/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]United Airlines: Where if you got a problem, thats YOUR problem![/FONT]



I have flown UA, my last time was around 98 when coming back from Okinawa. My experience was not good. I swore back then that I’d never fly them again. Delta joined that list also.

I pretty much just fly Southwest, unless otherwise not possible.

Anyways, no matter the industry, or reasoning, or character of the person in question… businesses should always treat the customer with respect. In this instance, offering a few hundred dollars more would have prevented the entire situation. Someone would eventually have willingly given up their seats.

To my recollection, this situation was created by the airline needing to transport some of their own employees. Here’s a thought: Redeye flights are almost never full.
Next time, prior planning prevents piss poor performance… Put your doggone employees on a redeye, the night before you will need them.

Wow… that was easy.


I think UA has a new OWNER, a Chinese Doc, age 69, head concussion, broken nose and 2 teeth knocked out by the thugs of Chicago… #United Airlines OWNED by the Chinese!


United Airlines we put the hospital in hospitality…


That’s the solution. They chose another route and then got government agents to help. Ridiculous. Unfortunately, the politicians will see this as an opportunity to pass a law to prohibit overbooking and interfere in private affairs yet again. And everyone will cheer for Big Brother.


Ad from Southwest Airlines: “We beat the competition…not you!”




Considering that UA is willing, and DOES call in government employees to physically deal with a problem of their own making… govt is involved in some form or another anyway in our private lives. UA made sure of it. Violently.