United Nations Confirms N.K. Has Conducted Nuke Test


North Korea conducted its third-ever nuclear test on Tuesday, a move likely to anger its main ally China and increase international action against Pyongyang and its new young leader, Kim Jong-un.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned North Korea’s test, saying it was a “clear and grave violation” of U.N. Security Council resolutions.
South Korea said the size of the seismic activity indicated a nuclear explosion slightly larger than the North’s two previous tests at 6-7 kilotons, although that is still relatively small. The Hiroshima bomb was around 20 kilotons.

North Korea conducts third nuclear test, sparks condemnation | Reuters


It’s be cool if North Korea could chill out till we get our soldiers back from Afghanistan for a few years.

We best not let china or russia invade them if it comes to that, we better do it ourselves




Still nothing to worry about???

N. Korea conducts third controversial nuke test


So why should we prevent China or Russia from invading them?


I want to know the answer to that too.


UN condemns NK nuke test.

To that I say, SO THE FREAK WHAT?? We stood by and assumed NK would honor their deal with Clinton, largely “negotiated” by Jimmy Carter, not to develop nukes - we were “played” for fools - we were CHUMPS!! Think Iran didn’t notice??

And here we are again - The UN and the United States condemning Iran’s nuke effort as it acknowledges the country’s progress toward enricing uranium toward a weapons grade level while it works on the development of a missile delivery program. This reality provides the current backdrop for our willingness/hope - pleas - to “negotiate” with yet another thugocracy with a singular purpose - nuclear arms and delivery capability!!

Could our leadership possibly be more irresponsible, feckless, reckless and stupid? Honestly, I do not see how.

The key here is pretty simple. Would we rather attempt to remove the risk presented by a pre-nuclear Iran or a post-nuclear Iran?

Too many of our leaders mistake peace with the absence of war. They are NOT one in the same!!


Are China and Russia prevented from invading N.K?


I thought I read years ago that, in an effort to procure money for campaigning, Clinton sold nuclear secrets to China which enabled them to develop nuclear arms capable of hitting the U.S. Is my memory correct or foggy?


As long as the United States is the country with NK’s target on it’s back, neither Russia or China will take out NK. Why? It is not in their self interest to do so.


Well now that’s a scarey scenario!


Here’s more info. Seems the NKs may have ignited an “earthquake”…

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North Korea is sitting on what, a million man standing army? They’ve spent the last 50 years digging themselves into the ground. Unfortunatley, they are well prepared for a major conflict. I hope it never comes to that though.


China supports North Korea, they are the ONLY reason the West has not acted sooner to eradicate their Nuke program. China will not invade North Korea.

Russia supports any effort that diminishes the influence of the United States. They regularly trade with Nations that are under U.N. sanctions and regularly let rogue Nations know that they will use their Veto power in the U.N. Security Council to protect them from U.S. led accountability efforts. Russia is pleased that North Korea is developing Nukes and would never invade them.

Israel and Japan are the Nations that are the most immediately vulnerable to these two evil, murderous regimes but the U.N. will never back either one because of their status as a strong Ally to the United States.

We will either fight this ourselves or accept the consequences of our inaction, if the Extreme Left have their way (and they probably will) the latter will be our destiny.


Just more reasons the U.S. needs to get out of the U.N. strangle-hold.


I’d love to see North Korea taken down a few notches. I just dont see it happening without tremendous loss on our side as well as to their own civilians.


If North Korea attacks us then it will de-stabilize the region which will have an effect on both china and Russia’s economy. China will want to invade because if they don’t then we will. If we invade then we will put into place one more democratic American friendly government in the region, china would rather put into place a government much like their own.

That’s a huge oversimplification but it’ll do


This is no biggie really. We will just respond with more sanctions and strong words. Works everytime…

Just get us out of the UN already. What a joke.




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