United Nations Is Handing Out $800 Debit Cards

I’ve sat here and wasted so much time … trying my best to think up something smart to say, (as in dumb retort) … I got Nothin!

United Nations Is Handing Out $800 Debit Cards to Illegal Migrant Families in Mexico Heading to US

What can anyone do? I mean legally? It’s not desirable, for any us citizen for this to happen. China is trying to flood us with Immigrants and Covid we should fire back destabilize North Korea. See they how they like it. They have the WHO and UN in their pocketbooks.

What can we do? It’s simple. Return to Trump’s policies which made making the trek here unattractive. Once the illegals got to the Mexican border, they were forced to remain there. If they got in here illegally, there was a chance they would be sent back to from where they came, which would make the trip futile.

We could complete the border wall with all of the cameras and sensors that would detect illegal crossings. All we need to do is defend our borders, and enforce laws that are on the books.

But no, we can’t do that because Democrats say “No one is illegal.” Everyone should be allowed to come to The United States and get on the dole.

There are many elements in the U.N. who want to weaken and even destroy our country. They don’t care about what the U.S. has stood for over the decades. They think China and the other despotic countries have it right. They have gotten these attitudes from their “liberal education,” which is really anything but that.


Remember we are citizens of the world now it’s our responsibility to take care of everyone