Univision report connects Operation Fast and Furious to murders of Mexican teenagers


Univision report connects Operation Fast and Furious scandal to murders of Mexican teenagers
By Matthew Boyle


The Spanish language television news network Univision unleashed a bombshell investigative report on Operation Fast and Furious Sunday evening, finding that in January 2010 drug cartel hit men slaughtered students with weapons the United States government allowed to flow to them across the Mexican border.

Citing a Mexican Army document it obtained and published, Univision reported that “[t]hree of the high caliber weapons fired that night in Villas de Salvarcar were linked to a gun tracing operation run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).”

That operation was Fast and Furious.

Univision Finds More Weapons Linked to Fast & Furious
by Mary Chastain

1 Oct 2012, 1:52 AM PDT

Univision News found 57 unreported firearms from Fast and Furious and three of these weapons were used in a massacre on January 30, 2010. Twenty hit men surrounded a birthday party filled with high school and college students in Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez. They opened fire on the party guests. Fourteen were murdered and twelve more were wounded. The assassins were hired by the Mexican cartel La Linea.

In August, I did my best to document the hysteria in Mexico caused by Fast and Furious. The most well known case is the murder of prominent Mexican attorney Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, brother of then Chihuahua Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez. He was kidnapped, forced to “confess” on tape that his sister worked with the Juarez cartel. They found his body in a shallow grave on November 5, 2009. Two of the AK-47s connected to his death were linked to Fast and Furious.

Want a measure of MSM indifference to F & F and the death and bloodshed therefrom - in the US and even more in Mexico?

The Spanish language network Univision has a fraction of the resources of any one of ABC, CBS, or NBC (maybe more that the NYT or the WashPost, yet it seems to be the one outlet that is not New ConservaMedia that has given this story any serious coverage! When faced with the dilemma of covering a monster story that could injure the reelection prospects of Pres. Obama, the US MSM have ignored the monster story - ignored several US people murdered, ignored possibly dozens of Mexicans murdered - to avoid hurting Pres. Obama! I hope at least some Hispanics take note of this very real racism by US MSM.


Much of this was covered in Bremen’s thread, “The Mexican Mormon War”, in ‘International Politics.’ The film is compelling. I wish more would’ve watched/commented.

That said, Eric Holder - along with all others RESPONSIBLE - need to be hanging from ‘the rope of treason’, so to speak, (ahem), for their participation and utter derelict manner of this whole F&F horror story.
But SO DO all those responsible on the other side of the border for their responsibility in allowing the drug cartels to thrive.

Hey, I’m not sticking up for LSM; not for one second! However, it IS a little easier to report on a story when all the fingers are pointed in the opposite direction.
And I didn’t much appreciate this comment, either:

One victim’s father, Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, told Univisin he thinks “Americans are not often moved by the pain of those outside [their country].”

I beg your pardon?


Americans are moved by the pain of those outside their country more than the people of any other country. History proves it!

Edit: - actually more than the people of all other countries put together!