Unmasking Flynn?

I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone else that the REASON that within a matter of the last two weeks of the Obama Administration, 39 Obama sycophants–including of all people the U.S. Ambassador to ITALY–filed requests to unmask General Flynn with regard to his phone call with the Russian Ambassador Kisliyak (or however it’s spelled) is because that many “unmaskers” makes it virtually impossible to find out WHICH of them leaked that phone call to the press. Launching an “investigation” to find out who the leaker is, would require all 39 unmaskers to be examined in detail, including their phone records, e-mail logs, etc. and that would take so much time President Trump would no longer be in office by the time it bore fruit.

The more serious crime here wasn’t the unmasking but the LEAKING of the contents of a classified phone conversation. The leak can garner a prison sentence of 10 years because it’s considered a more serious felony than the illegal unmasking is.

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Just a co-inky-dink, I’m sure. Pure serendipity.

(I miss the dripping sarcasm smoley)

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So it was a concerted operation to mask the leaker in a swarm of unmasking requests. Looks like it could form the basis of a RICO investigation. 39 little fish to squeeze and work your way up the ladder.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised OD! Obama is nothing if not devious.

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