UPDATES: FBI Takes ‘Five People’ into Custody – Connected to CHELSEA BOMBING


Civilian eyewitnesses reported heavily armed police arresting ‘Arab garbed’ men or women.

UPDATES: FBI Takes ‘Five People’ into Custody - Connected to CHELSEA BOMBING


Ok, they take them into custody but can they prove intent? For some reason they seem to believe that intent is important. (wink)


The Gateway Pundit article links a New York Daily News article, but the url looked odd to me. So I Googled the NYDN site, The url is different, but the NYDN had this article about the arrest and another bomb find in NJ.

The “news source” for the description of the persons arrested is Geraldo Rivera, who cites “unimpeachable” annoymorous sources. For now, regard what Geraldo reported as rumor grade. He may have genuine insider knowledge, or he may have been trolled with tantalizing bogons.




> CHELSEA, Manhattan (WABC) – Authorities believe all the incidents involving explosive devices in New York and New Jersey over the weekend are connected, sources tell ABC News.
> One source says it is still unclear if this is the work of one suspect, or the deliberate work of a broader group.
> The FBI has released a wanted poster for a suspect in the Chelsea bombing. He may be related to five people who were taken into custody for questioning by the FBI in connection with Saturday night’s bombing in Chelsea.
> …
> The 28-year-old suspect is identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Looks like, technically, Rivera was incorrect. The suspect (and those of his family who were involved) is Afghan rather than Arabic. But Rivera and his sources were in the right ballpark, so to speak.


This has been so far, an outstanding job by the FBI and the NYC police department.


Indeed. I’ve read many books on the FBI, they do a bang on job, honest and thorough. In this case, all agencies involved worked fast and found their guy quickly.

The question remains about the two who took the bag. My instinct tells me there’s something more to this than the public knows. Once they find these two many questions will be answered regarding if this guy was a lone wolf and/or how his radicalization occurred.


There is a JOKE. Not sure how that guy has made the $millions he has for his bumbling self aggrandizing "its about ME’ news reporting. My guess affirmative action carried him up the ladder, I think he is a Jewish Hispanic or something akin to that…


What does his heritage have to do with his success?

You often damage your own arguments by taking such positions. In the free market, if shows don’t get ratings, then tv shows go off the air. He was on air for over 10 years, that’s a hell of a long time for a daytime talk show.


There is a JOKE. Not sure how that guy has made the $millions he has for his bumbling self aggrandizing "its about ME’ news reporting.
If you think about it, what does it really take to become famous anymore? Heck what used to amount to 15 minutes of fame can now be used as a platform for an empire. Just look no further than Kim K… She & her whole family became wealthy from one porno film that only she was in.


When your “show” involves KKK members breaking the host’s nose, you’re bound to attract a certain element of viewers anxious for more.


GLAD you asked!
Here in the US

Affirmative Action was a program signed into law by JFK in 1961. Initially it was just a small things that said govt contractors could not discrimnate against anyone.

What has happened in reality is that it has metastasized and been co-opted by businesses, schools and just about everyone. Its become so weighty in its heavy handed approach that the result is just to simply go with it rather than fight it…translated that means give in and promote rather than stand the heat of the EEO office doing an investigation. Under Obama the EEO has become more of a bit player and their job has been taken over by DoJ and the FBI.

Sadly I am as guilty as the rest. I soon learned that if you do not promote them, they head straight to the EEO and write their Congressman. Then you are called in at the top, not your boss, but your bosses boss or higher. “What is YOUR JUSTIFICATION for not promoting him/her?” Then you better whip out your note book and begin with: Sir, 21 Jan he failed to come to work or contact us that he was out sick, car problems etc. 11 Mar he failed to meet the standards in his job performance and this was discussed with him, etc etc etc and trust me you better have a BOOK!

Education: My wife was a High School Teacher. YOU DO NOT FAIL anyone that is in the Affirmative Action scope. The ONLY way you could fail them was for them to not come to school on Test day, then you have to give a makeup exam and another one if they did not show for the second one. SO they got 3 shots at taking the exam (NOTE I did not say PASS, just TAKE). IF they TAKE the exam they receive a passing grade! Not attending is ok, the only time they NEED to attend is to take the test and they pass.

What has occurred over the past 55 years has been an atmosphere of promote in spite of performance. The govt has created the pool of people that are called Low-Information Voters. In many examinations generally they score in reading comprehension, writing and math about the 6th -9th grade level and IMO this is a direct result of giving a PASS rather than hold them to the standard.

Those that are smart and have some ambition can climb the ladder of success by leveraging this flaw in our system. Many do, but sadly most don’t…