Upgrading Wireless USB adapter


One computer (Vista) with the Verizon Fios modem.
(Supports G and N technology)

One computer (windows 7) with a wireless usb G type adapter.

Just purchased a new Linksys N600 (dual band) USB adapter.

Question: Do I need to uninstall the drivers for the old G adapter before installing this new adapter?



I always uninstall the old one. You have a good chance to just run the install on the new one and have it still work and override the old one, but I don’t see much reason to keep the old one and it causes problems for a lot of people.


[quote=“sillipuddi, post:1, topic:38497”]

Question: Do I need to uninstall the drivers for the old G adapter before installing this new adapter?

[/quote]It would be a good idea to uninstall the old adapter drivers


Thanks to you both!

Will uninstall the old drivers.


Well … That does it!

I have given up on the new adapter!

I have tried EVERYTHING to get connected with it!

Even with the available networks showing … It still wont connect!

Invalide key manual showed up once after trying everything else?

I entered the correct security key and nada!
(Not even sure that is what it means?)

Then I got a “No prefered network selected” message!

When I say that I’ve done everything … I mean everything!
Un-installed both adapter drivers.
Installed drivers over and over and rebooted each time.

Tried safe mode with networking … nada.

I have given up!

Funny thing … The G network adapter re-installed and ran on start up … No problem!?

I have heard that this Linksys adapter gives a lot of folks problems?
(Well not anymore … It’s going back!)


You are replacing a device designed to connect to a wireless network with a device designed to create a wireless network, these devices have different functions.

As to your first question, leave the G drivers installed. They are mapped specifically to the USB card and will not interfere with any other wireless adapter.

Your new device is a Router, if you already had a wireless network up and running then this device would be an upgrade to your existing wireless Router, not you USB network card.

You would need to connect the Linksys N600 to your broadband modem (removing your existing Router) and then set it up to create and manage your wireless network, then you would continue using your USB “G” card or buy a new USB “N” standard card to take advantage of the increased speed in the Linksys N600.

If your current broadband modem is also your wireless Router then you would have to turn off the wireless function, plug the new Linksys N600 into the modem with a network cable (Using one of the Linksys N600 standard ports, not the colored one) and set up the Linksys N600 as an “Access Point” when the question is asked.

This is a good Router, you will be pleased with it if you set it up properly.

What is happening now is your Linksys N600 is “seeing” your Network but for it work to without removing your existing wireless Router you must set it up as a “bridge”, this is possible but probably pointless unless your goal was to increase the wireless range.


Whoops, I had your device confused with the Linksys N600 Router instead of the adapter.

Same advice regarding drivers but turn off the firewall and encryption in your current Router until after you successfully connect and then use the Routers interface to memorize the MAC address of the new Adapter.


he did not buy a router he clearly said he bought a linksys n600 USB adapter to replace his old USB adapter


I’ll give it a try.

Problem is … I am pc dumb!:sad: