(Upper) Class War


(Upper) Class War
Matt Welch | December 31, 2010

California, you may have heard, is broker than than Steve Garvey on alimony day. Pick a horrifying number: There’s the immediate $28 billion budget hole, the more than doubling of both debt and debt service since Arnold Schwarzenegger took office, or the estimated half-trillion shortfall in funding the Golden State’s pension obligations. Incoming Gov. Jerry Brown has taken his first look under the hood, and declared that Californians have been living in “fantasy land.”

So what are the state’s leading academic lights doing to help solve this wretched state of affairs? Threatening to sue the University of California Board of Regents “unless the regents lift a $245,000 cap on how much salary can be considered when calculating pensions.”

Academia, doing it’s part in to drive CA just a little faster toward the fiscal cliff.


Any Mathematicians in the group should be fired now, before they can retire due to incompetence.


That cliff is our last hope for fiscal salvation I am afraid.

We must allow this beast to die of its own starvation so we can start over with nothing of the former state government left if we are going to have a shot.

I really don’t see any other way to get this State split into smaller States that will better reflect the will of the people but to have nothing left standing but the local governments.

It is going to hurt bad but stupidity always does, it is not like we did not have other options to choose from in leadership the whole time this mess was being built.


Even if you get rid of the crooks in office, I’m not sure it will help, because too many voters have the entitlement mentality.


I think once CA goes bankrupt, the people with the entitlement mentality will leave CA.


And find another state to sponge off of…


Can we come up with an Arizona type immigration law for Californians?


Can we come up with Federal judges who won’t overturn it for not-very-good reasons?..


Can we come up with Federal judges who won’t overturn it for not-very-good reasons?
Once upon a time … there was a ballot initiative, called Proposition 187. It would have forbade giving government social program benefits to illegal immigrants (except for emergency situations). Governor Wilson opposed it, but the recalcitrant people of California voted for it anyway. The predictable “rights” groups judge-shopped and filed suit. The judge put the new law on hold and delayed ruling. And delayed ruling. And delayed ruling. And delayed ruling. Governor Wilson opposed it, so he didn’t push for a decision or try going to the next appellate level. Finally, Governor Wilson was term-limited out, and Democrat Gray Davis was elected to replace Wilson. Governor Davis found a way to resolve the judge’s scandalous decision delay. Governor Davis had the Attorney General negotiate the law into meaninglessness, and that was the judge’s ruling.

That was when conservative groups creating ballot initiatives in California learned that, not only would they have to fund signature gathering and the advertising campaign, but they could not trust the Attorney General to defend the laws passed by the people of California, despite being constitutionally required to do so. It hasn’t been California’s Attorneys General who defended Proposition 209 (which outlawed governmental affirmative action) and forced cities and the University of California to abide by it. It wasn’t California’s Attorney General (now Governor! :sick: ) who defended the recently passed Proposition 8.


The government doesn’t care about the will of the voters. They care about the will of their special interest groups.


What other states could they sponge off of?


The ones that ain’t as broke as California (yet).


just remember wherever the entitlement receivers go, whatever state they find,the civil rights lawyers are sure to follow.


But I don’t think those states have anywhere near the welfare programs that the broke states have.


The legislators will take care of that in order to buy the new votes, I fear.


I hope not but you’re probably right.


What is the point on voting for these propositions? If they pass and the Democrats don’t like them, they find a judge to declare them unconstitutional. Prop. 8 is tied up in court. How could amending the constitution be unconstitutional?


They’ll move to Oregon most likely. Portland is notorious for it’s migratory homeless population.


Good question…


This is the kind a garbage that caused a peaceful revolution in the last election nationally. In California we must like having our votes flushed down the sewer because we went even harder left while the nation went right.